Let’s Get to It…

Dear Diary,

I have been toying with the notion of creating my own blog for a good long while now (as in, going on a year…) I love to journal (see above,) I love reading healthy-living blogs, and I like to consider myself a bit of a health/fitness/nutrition enthusiast (not that I practice this lifestyle anywhere near perfectly, but I certainly do try to maintain balance.) All this said, I’ve finally decided to take the plunge (and hey! I can just get it in under the wire to make it an official Jan. 2013 beginning. Seems so nice and tidy to begin a blog at the beginning of a new year…)

I want to essentially make this a place where I can document my workouts (and sometimes my meals,) keep myself motivated, and essentially join the healthy-living-blogging community.

So, here we go:

This morning I got up with my husband and walked him to work (as has become habit for us since moving to Harrisburg, PA about a week and a half ago.) Then I continued on walking alone to the YMCA to crank out 65 min. of an “interval” workout on the elliptical (my favorite means of cardio exercise.) This “interval” setting was basically 2 min. at a lower intensity and lower incline and 2 min. at a higher intensity and higher incline, which I adjusted to make it harder or easier as I saw fit throughout the workout. It got the job done – had me huffin’ and puffin’ and sweating profusely, so I’ll take it.

I don't know that I believe the calorie/distance stats generated by these machines...

I don’t know that I believe the calorie/distance stats generated by these machines…

I then walked home and did about 20 min. of various toning Pilates and yoga moves (3 sets of 10 dolphin dives, 3 sets of inch-worm push-ups, 5 reps of roll and reach, and 5 reps of seated spine twist.)

For lunch, my husband walked home from work to eat with me and we made burritos with the leftover sun-dried tomato basil tortillas, black and pinto beans, chicken breast, avocado, salsa, and broccoli we had on hand. Quite tasty and has nearly fulfilled my Chipotle hankering I’ve had since around Tuesday of this week. About an hour after lunch, I had some Bigelow Vanilla Caramel tea. I actually was looking for

which I could have sworn I read about on Clare’s blog, but I can’t find the reference anywhere. So, instead, while trying to navigate myself around a new grocery store (fun, fun,) I settled for this:

It was fine – hints of vanilla sweetness, but it didn’t shoot me over the moon or anything.

After finishing with this post and tinkering around with the rest of this blog business I’ve gotten myself into, I plan to do an Ashtanga yoga routine I found. I originally was going to walk back to the YMCA to go to their Ashtanga class this evening, but it’s kinda late (630p-745p,) and my husband should be getting off work slightly earlier than normal tonight, so I’d like to be available to hang out with him when he gets off and possibly get some beers together at the pub around the corner 🙂

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