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Attitude of Gratitude

Man, I had a great sleep last night! I can’t remember the last time I woke up feeling so rested – and that’s even counting weekend mornings. Unfortunately, that well-rested, awesome sleep didn’t quite translate to an awesome workout. To … Continue reading

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Mid-Week Myriad

It’s after noon on Wednesday, which means we’re more than half-way to the weekend! May as well call it Friday version 1.0! (with versions 2.0 & 3.0 to follow in the next 2 days…) … Ok, maybe not – I … Continue reading

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Fries & Pies & Beers, Oh My!

I like to think of myself as a health-conscious person. If I know something is good, I’ll make at least one solid go at trying to incorporate it in my life. Exercise, no problem (interval training, HIIT, lifting, yoga, pilates, … Continue reading

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Word-Vomit Rambling Weekend Recap

Hello, All! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and is successfully making their way through yet another Monday… Personally, I’m resurfacing from a very enjoyable, yet fairly mild weekend and an all-out Sunday food coma. Friday was very low … Continue reading

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60 is the new 26

Guess what! I’m gettin’ around like a spry 60 year old these days! A significant improvement to the inner 90 year old I have been channeling for the majority of this week (physically, that is – I’m already a boring, … Continue reading

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Mashed Cauliflower, Meh… and Molson!

No real rhyme or reason to… today’s post, so, let’s go with a list, shall we? 1. As promised, an update on the mashed cauliflower attempt from last night’s dinner: I baked some chicken sausages (20 minutes at 450 degrees … Continue reading

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Lazy Progress

Today I got up with B (who didn’t get home from work until 1:30am last night! It’s his project’s go-live this week, so work’s insane for him the next few days…) and walked with him to the office with the … Continue reading

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The weekend with Dad was a definite success, my friends! Let’s do a quick recap: Dad arrived Friday about 5 hours later than planned, and this was very unfortunate. First thing Friday morning, I received an oh-so-friendly call from US … Continue reading

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Dad’s Coming to Town!!

I want to announce the very exciting news that my dad’s coming to visit us in Harrisburg this weekend! He’s flying in from our old stomping grounds – Covington, KY – to check out the PA capital area with his … Continue reading

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V-Day (a.k.a. Almost Friday!!)

Hello, and here’s my obligatory acknowledgement of Valentine’s Day. Now don’t go thinking I’m some bitter ol’ lady who hates Valentine’s Day because of its sappy, over-saturated PDA nature, excessive unnecessary, belly-expanding holiday-related gifts, and all the pink and red. … Continue reading

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