Freezin’ Inside Friday & Saturday Slummin’

Dear Diary (this always gets me going, so I’m going to stick with it until I feel I no longer need the training wheels…)

My Thursday night date with Boyfriend worked out well. I successfully completed the Ashtanga yoga routine I set out to do before he got home and then we bundled up for the pub around the corner for some $2 Yuengling pints (They just do not get it here in PA how awesome it is to have Yuengling available. at bars. at a reasonable price. – meaning under $5!) and we ordered the special and split it with a side salad (a deluxe stromboli – a typical veggie & meat combo of which I strong-armed Boyfriend into subbing out a couple meats with veggies 😛 Every little bit helps…) Aaaand, that was pretty much the culmination and end of our Thursday night.

Friday, we slept in since B(oyfriend) didn’t have to go into the office (he’s pretty much my alarm clock) and I didn’t get to the gym until 11am. Our original plan was to go to the YMCA together (I had what could be perceived as a guest pass for him to use, but it wasn’t really a legit guest pass because it wasn’t signed, so it was risky) where he’d swim and I’d do my 45-60 min. of cardio and then we’d re-convene afterwards to hit up the noon yogilates class. Time was a-tickin’ and we couldn’t quite get our act together. B didn’t really want to swim wasn’t too keen on trying to sneak into the Y, so he said he’d just go running outside. Then he asked me to join him. Uhh, NO! 1) He didn’t realize how frigid it was outside – all he took into consideration was that it was “sunny,” God love him…  2) After weeks of virtually no exercise he’s a person who can actually run. for extended periods. Pretty much after my 2 only legit stints with running in my early high school years, I seem to have lost all endurance when it comes to running outside – ESPECIALLY when it’s anything short of perfect weather conditions (meaning, it starts out the perfect amount of warm and balmy and then gradually gets cooler as I overheat and sweat profusely. What’s that you say? Impossible weather expectations? Hmm, well then alas we’ve arrived at why I do not run otuside!) Oh, and 3) He has 6-foot long legs.  All that turned into the two of us very nearly just saying “screw it” and blowing off exercise entirely. However, B being the pragmatist that he is, encouraged me to just go do my thing at the Y while he went running and we’d just meet up afterwards. I’m glad he pushed me, but I SO was not in the mood for exercise. I walked myself into the cardio room and decided I’d give some jogging on the treadmill a whirl. I had moderate success last weekend and figured if I felt awful, I could always turn it into a power walking incline workout or hop on an elliptical instead (my safe haven.) To my pleasant surprise, I was able to enjoy some Gilmore Girls (thanks to the fancy tvs they have strapped to their cardio machines :D) AND manage to jog consistently at a 6.1 pace for 20 minutes straight! After that I rotated walking 1 minute at a 4.7 pace while jogging 5 minutes at 6.1. My entire workout lasted about 45 minutes when I had to hop off and haul ass to the yogilates class – to which I arrived looking puffy and pink – alarmingly resembling the pink thermal shirt I quickly changed into right before class in the hopes of hiding my sweat stains I’d worked up while running (fail.) The class was good, though. I enjoyed it more than last week when I attended. There were far fewer people (about 12 instead of 20) and I felt like I was really benefitting from all the stretching and able to keep myself in the moment throughout the poses rather than letting outside thoughts take over.

So I left class feeling proud of myeslf for having come to the gym and actually made it worth my while and also feeling super hungry. I ended up making another homemade burrito with the last sun drided tomato tortilla, the rest of the black & pinto bean mix, some salsa, onion & broccoli).

Later that evening, B and I were considering walking downtown for dinner and drinks out, but that was fairly quickly shot down when we both decided it was too stinkin’ cold when we weren’t terribly hungry and we had plenty of entertainment and booze en casa 😀 So instead, we settled in for some serious Netflix Breaking Bad action:

Yes, we're happy watching Netflix from our laptops :D

Yes, we’re happy watching Netflix from our laptops 😀

A little while later, I threw together a plate of cherry tomatoes, broccoli, baby carrots, cheese and pretzels for our snacking pleasure. Then a bit later I made one of my favorite dessert concoctions (which I’ll work on getting a picture uploaded for sharing) consisting of yogurt (it varies, but lately it’s been Yoplait greek vanilla,) peanut butter, and half a sweet potato (this can be substituted for banana, FiberOne brownie, chocolate, etc.) All in all I felt fairly lame for staying in on a Friday until my mom lovingly validated me via text message that she was doing the very same (drinks and Netflix) and thought anyone would be crazy to venture out in this freezing cold – thanks, Mom 😛

This morning was fairly uneventful until we got our act together to rustle up some grub for brunch:

We used up the last of our bacon, eggs, onion & almost the rest of the broccoli & cheese. Not too shabby of a meal considering we productively cleaned out the fridge.

We used up the last of our bacon, eggs, onion & almost the rest of the broccoli & cheese. Not too shabby of a meal considering we productively cleaned out the fridge.

Afterwards we made ourselves presentable for public viewing and set out to visit a spot B found  online which turned out to be one of the oldest herb shops in the country called The Rosemary House. Across the street was a pretty impressive art gallery we visited called 2nd Floor Art Gallery. Both were enjoyable to meander around and kill time on a lazy Saturday, but it was just so plain cold (I know, I’m a wimp,) so we decided to wrap up our outing and hit the grocery store (sadly, no Kroger out here 😦 so Giant or Weis Markets, it is) and head home. This was good because 1) our refrigerator was scarily empty (now that we live together, it’s amazing how quickly we go through food!) and 2) I was getting into my critical zone where B has approximately 15 min. before I self destruct or snap his head off due to hunger/crankiness (I’m a lovely wife :D). Fortunately, we got our groceries and arrived home in time for me to gather myeslf a beer and a snack and find my happy place:

Yeungling :D& peanut butter crackers - quite possibly my greatest savior of the snacking realm...

Yeungling 😀
& peanut butter crackers – quite possibly my greatest savior of the snacking realm…

As for now, I plan to continue enjoying my snack and beverage and see what the evening brings 🙂

Penny for your thoughts:

What’s your “snacking savior” (go-to snack) that you stand by?

Do you feel as productive as I do when you successfully clean out/use up all the food in your refrigerator?

What do you do for fun when it’s freezing outside?

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  1. A A says:

    Ice cream/ It has been while since I saw empty fridge. I guess it is time to clean it.

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