Mustering Momentum through Monday

This morning was a bit of a sluggish one. Boyfriend didn’t have to be in the office quite as early as usual, so I didn’t really get moving until about 9am and I didn’t get to the gym until about 10am. I missed Live with Kelly and Michael, but all was not lost – I got some Kathie Lee and Hoda time and a teeny bit of Gilmore Girls at the end of my workout.

Anyway, in spite of my less than stellar start to the day, I managed an hour of cardio on the treadmill – 35 minutes of which were jogging! Boyfriend is convinced that my frequent hour-long cardio sessions are proof that my claimed inability to run for extended periods is strictly a mental block. Maybe he’s right? Whatever – so I jogged about 20 minutes at 6.7 and then bounced around 6.2-6.5 for the remaining 15 minutes of my jogging stint. For the last bit of cardio, I walked at 4.7 and jacked up the incline to 5.0% for 3 minute increments with 1 minute rest intervals at 1.0% incline.

A supposed 600 calories burned - pshh! At least I know I actually jogged non stop for 35 minutes :D

A supposed 600 calories burned – pshh! At least I know I actually jogged non stop for 35 minutes 😀

Afterwards, I walked myself home and slowly got around to showering and began to think about lunch for B and me. I decided on tomato soup with grilled cheese and salad (we had a pretty comprehensive grocery shopping trip Saturday, so now we have a ton of veggies that need to be eaten, so I’m planning on serving lots of salad this week…) The other day, B was drinking a can of low-sodium V8 and it hit me! Low Sodium V8 is alarmingly similar to tomato soup! So today, I decided to give it a whirl as my tomato soup substitute (lower sodium, fewer calories, and generally healthier with the fiber and vitamins and such) and…. Success! Therefore, this:

helped create this:

Sorry, I didn't think to snap a picture until i was half way through...

Sorry, I didn’t think to snap a picture until i was half way through…

A bit later I got munchy and grabbed a banana with a spoonful of peanut butter. I then went back and grabbed some pretzels and another spoonful of peanut butter. This was probably smart not only because I was hungry (duh) but also because my window for dinner is gonna be slim-to-none tonight. I’m going to the 5pm “Kaptain Krunch” class at the Y tonight (an all-around core/abs class that thoroughly kicked my butt last week and will likely do the same this week, which means I may have to skip Pilates again tomorrow night because of an inability to contract anything abdominally after tonight) and then rushing over to my CPR training course from 6p-9p. I’m thinking my go-to peanut butter crackers will be in order. And maybe a banana. And whatever veggies I can find to toss in a baggie. We’ll see. B will likely be working late tonight, so potentially we’ll have a late dinner, which would be good because I’d rather not be that rude, distracting person munching her way through a 3 hour class.

Alright, well, nothing too exciting today, but just going through the motions til I pick up some momentum for the week. Best of luck to you good people too!

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