Making Friends

Sounds silly, but making friends is hard! In preschool and kindergarten, it’s natural to make friends. There’s a bit of an ebb as you progress through junior high and high school as cliques form, but the friend-making flow picks up again in college when you’re all thrust together figuring out the new surroundings and how to “become an adult.” Of course, you usually make friends in the workplace, and you retain your groups you’ve befriended through school and earlier years in life, but after that… Well, you’re pretty much on your own. Top it off with moving to a new city and not having school or a workplace as a people-meeting-crutch, and it’s quite a pickle.

making friends

However, to my surprise, since moving to Harrisburg, I have had more luck meeting people than I ever did in the entire 2 years I was living in my hometown (as an adult, that is.) It could be that Harrisburg people are just plain friendlier (I do believe that I get more hello’s and smiles in passing here,) or maybe I’m trying harder to seem approachable so that I don’t wind up without any social interaction whatsoever here. Or maybe I’m just plain ready for a change of social scenery and meet new people and I happen to be giving off that vibe?

Regardless, within the past week, I feel like I’ve made several real connections – meeting people in my Pilates class, swapping numbers (“Lemme get yo’ digits” 😛 – except not creepy and not hitting on anyone) and bonding over Midtown Tavern $2 Yuengling awesomeness, exchanging pleasant daily chit-chat with the YMCA trainers and front desk attendants, etc. It’s nothing huge, but I feel like I’m working that social muscle again that had possibly atrophied somewhat over the past few years 🙂 It feels good.



I felt great after exercising this morning! And let me tell ya, it was just what I needed after 2 days of not-so-great workouts. I cautiously hopped on the elliptical and pretty much cruised through a 60 minute workout! By “cruised through” I mean that I huffed and puffed and made weird phlegm-y noises (sexy, I know) and created rather impressive sweat stains 😛 Still, I was feeling good and strong and motivated, AND my calf/behind-the-knee area didn’t really bother me today 😀

So I wrapped up my cardio with some recaps of Kelly Ripa  & Natalie Morales doing the Empire State Building race (via flipping back and forth between the Today Show and Live with Kelly and Michael. Holy cow those ladies are beasts! Is there anything physical/athletic that they don’t attempt and subsequently rock and at? And they’re pretty – but of course, they’re on tv, duh.)

** I have more of a blotchy-face thing going after I finish running, ergo, I haven’t the foggiest idea how she manages this look **

Natalie Morales < and here we have “Fittest Morning TV Host

Then I chatted it up with Tony the Trainer (see above: social muscle exercising ;)) before heading home to quickly shower and do some laundry and make myself…


This is actually last night's dinner, but I had basically this leftover for lunch.

This is actually last night’s dinner, but I basically had the same leftover for lunch.

Unfortunately my mashed cauliflower was a flop because I naively thought steaming the cauliflower would soften it enough to mash, but that just wasn’t happening (and I’m talking, like after 30 minutes or something of steaming!). As a result, I ate the chicken sausage hot dog style and had my sauteed veggies on the side. For lunch today, though, I helped myself to another chicken sausage, leftover quinoa from earlier this week, the sauteed spinach combo from last night, and the steamed cauliflower. Quite good!

Shortly afterward, I whipped up one of my yogurt creations 😀

Thought I'd show the individual ingredients to give a more clear idea as to how this is made...

Thought I’d show the individual ingredients to give a more clear idea as to how this is made…

However, I subbed some pretzels for the banana and had a different flavored yogurt (cappuccino – surprisingly good!)

On tap for tonight:

A PiYo class, which is apparently a strength training class rooted in the foundations of Pilates and yoga. It’s 45 minutes long, and I’m really interested to see what it’s all about! As for dinner, I assume it’ll be leftovers since we should clean out the fridge as much as possible before taking off for the weekend to visit my exquisite cousin, Ann, and her husband, Brad, in Jacksonville 😀 😀

(Brad, Ann, Me, and Boyfriend during our last out-of-town-wknd-getaway at an oyster bar in Savannah last year where Boyfriend and Brad shucked their way through a bucket and a half of oysters while Ann and I happily drank beer and watched and questioned whether we should step in to avoid any injuries with the shanks the boys were given to eat the oysters. This was quite amusing until Ann and I got hungry and demanded we have a more acceptable dinner of pizza… That’s how we roll.)

So bring on above-35-degree temperatures, wine-tasting, along-the-beach-pub-crawling, and quality time with my nearest and dearest girl-cousin!!

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