Sunshine & Daisies

I love it when a Tuesday feels like a Monday (or a Wednesday like a Tuesday, or a Thursday like a Wednesday, or a Friday like a Thursday – a lovely surprise when you realize you’re further into the week than you realize 😀 But it’s definitely NOT the same for a Saturday to feel like a Friday or a Sunday like a Saturday or a Monday like a Sunday – not cool to think you have more weekend-fun-time left than you actually do…) I don’t even know why it feels like a Monday for me,  but I’ll take it!


I woke up slightly easier this morning, but still feel like I have some sleep to catch up on. Nonetheless, I decided to give it another go with a treadmill jog. I’ll admit I nearly backed down as I approached that wretched machine with awful memories of yesterday’s workout, but then I remembered how strategically I’d chosen my workout clothes this morning (I guess really they just were just the clothes already laying out, but it was a darn good jogging ensemble! All black, which is ideal for minimal sweat stain exposure, one of my most supportive sport bras for minimal bounce-age, and my shorts that have minimal inner-thigh-ride-up-age *crucial*)  With that kind of high-falutin’ logic on my side, how could I not have a rockstar workout?

As luck would have it, it wasn’t too shabby! It may have largely looked and felt like this,

"Die, Kelly Ripa! And your fluffy, blonde hair and flat abs too!"

“Die, Kelly Ripa! Your stupid fluffy, blonde hair and flat abs too!”

but it ended all…

Read: "Sunshine and daisies, la di da :D"

Read: “Sunshine and daisies, la di da :D”

I’m happy to report I jogged a consecutive 37 minutes! Then I walked another 20 minutes or so alternating between a 1.0 & 3.0 incline and a 4.5 & 4.8 speed. Total success in my book 😀

Afterwards, I ambled home and did 3 sets of tricep push-ups (think chaturanga-style… and on my knees) and bicep curls (where I leave one arm extended in front of me with a 5 lb. weight while curling 7.5 lbs. with the other arm – then switch.) I was sore from my workouts yesterday, so I didn’t feel the need to be too much of a go-getter with my post-cardio exercises. Besides, I had hot plans with a Pilates class later on.


Lunch was fairly un-exciting like yesterday, but it tasted much better today for some reason (sandwich with canned tuna topped with avocado, salsa, onion & spinach and I had a hard boiled egg on the side).

Shortly after that I made myself a yogurt concoction with 1/2 a sweet potato, vanilla Greek yogurt and a scoop of peanut butter.

Then I had the rest of the sweet potato with some peanut butter. Finally, that hit the spot and I was fairly full. Fortunately, I was still able to digest sufficiently and timely enough to attend the 5pm Pilates class (taught by a 60 year old woman who has more energy and a better body than most 20 year olds I’ve laid eyes on. Fortunately she’s really sweet and encouraging. Otherwise I might have to hate her – based on shallow vanity principles, obviously.)

After class, I came home and eventually got around to rustlin’ up some grub. Boyfriend wasn’t going to be home for a while, so I decided to heat up leftovers and let him fend for himself.

Spinach topped with spaghetti squash, the rest of the canned tuna from lunch, onion & marinara sauce. I also had some string cheese on the side as my parmesan cheese substitute...

Spinach topped with spaghetti squash, the rest of the canned tuna from lunch, onion & marinara sauce. I also had some string cheese on the side as my Parmesan cheese substitute…

It was really tasty and reminded me of Tina’s healthy tips she posted recently. I think I often follow her “think outside the box” tip (tonight’s dinner, for example) as a way to keep my cooking simple & mess-free and use up all the food I have on hand. I’m always throwing together seemingly random items and am usually pleasantly surprised by how well it turns out in a meal 🙂 I don’t enjoy cooking or experimenting with cool new foods or techniques. I try different foods and I cook simply because I know it’s good for me. Period.

Big surprise, but after dinner, I snacked on more yogurt and peanut butter. And then some peanut butter and pretzels, etc. etc. I was a HUNGRY lady tonight.

Annnnd we’ll close with one P.S. and a Shout-Out:

P.S. A tips for better health post that I stumbled upon today reminded me I need to try WAY harder to drink more water every day. I don’t consumer nearly enough (though, I always have a water bottle near me -I’m a deceptive one, I am…)

A much deserved shout-out to my beloved friends and family members who took the time to check out my blog over the past few days, give me their feedback (lots of super nice words of encouragement that I so very much appreciate!) and even spread the word to other people. I hope you continue to read my posts and enjoy, and I cannot thank you enough 😀

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