Shut Yo’ Trap!

The other day, Boyfriend was reading one of my posts (like any loving, supportive, dutiful boyfriend-husband would do) and he was reminded of when I first began talking about starting a blog (many moons ago.) He then sent me this article which posits that announcing your plans, goals, dreams, etc. to your friends or family or peers may not be the best way to go about ensuring you achieve them because once you make the announcement you get it in your head that you’ve essentially achieved it (by having made that big first step) and then lose motivation to follow-through.

I found this very interesting because I generally do not tell people when I’ve decided to embark upon a goal of some sort (kind of just a general introvert thing,) but after reading time and time again how it’s such a great support system, I’ve often questioned whether I should change my ways. This article made me feel really validated, though. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe that for some people, telling others about your intentions/projects/whatever is a great way to ensure you have people encouraging and pushing you. However, for me, I perform better when I have lots of time to myself, alone with thoughts, to develop a plan of action. I find lots of outside commentary (whether it be encouraging or critical) to be just plain distracting. Of course, having a close friend, my mom, and/or Boyfriend rooting for me definitely keeps my self esteem and momentum up, but I usually don’t react well to tons of attention focused on me. Similarly  I’ve always shied away from sports as well as group exercise classes of the bootcamp genre (I don’t perform better with someone barking at me or “pushing me.”) Rather, I much prefer to visualize something and figure out how to achieve it and keep myself motivated on my own. I can push myself to go an extra 10 minutes or 10 reps or whatever, but if a coach/instructor/trainer is the one pushing me for it, I shut down.

Anyway, my main reason for bringing up this topic was because I have always known I need to drink more water, and I’m awful at it. Especially considering how frequently I work out and subsequently sweat, I need to really up my intake. So I’m trying to just be more conscious of that and hope I develop some improved water-intake habits in the process. We’ll see how that goes.

Now, onto my Wednesday thus far…

Slow start YET AGAIN. My left eye was actually gunked shut from how deeply I was sleeping (you’ll have to try to not linger to long on that sexy image). I know, I’m worthless this week, but hey, at least I’m going through the motions.


After my last two days of treadmill workouts (Treadmill: 1 pt. *Monday*; Erin: 1 pt. *Tuesday*) I was dead set on making today a simple elliptical day. Good thing, too, because as soon as I began my “interval” elliptical session (2 minutes at resistance level 6/crossramp level 4 followed by 2 minutes at resistance level 10/crossramp level 10 and repeat) I could tell I was gonna struggle. Even the lower resistance level intervals felt like I was trudging through mud. I kept with it, though, and 60 minutes later I jelly-legged my way outta that place (not before conveniently *uh, not* running into Tony the trainer and subsequently feeling the pang of guilt if I were to skip his noon abs class that day, which I was seriously considering doing while on the last mud-trudge leg of my elliptical workout).

So a couple hours and a banana snack later, I made my way back to the Y, like a good little girl, and did my exercises with Tony. So far, I’ve been the youngest one in the class, so he thinks I should naturally be the strongest and full of energy and likes to push me with the stability ball exercises. That just wasn’t happening today.

Abs classIn general, I like this class a bit more than the Monday “Kaptain Krunch” class because it incorporates more than just a half hour of varying crunches. We do a few squats and lunches – not many, but it’s good to get some variety. However, I have to say that aside from those awful stability ball leg lift things, (see below) the class just isn’t super challenging, and I was a tad disappointed today (I repeat: awful stability ball leg lift things aside!)

Lunch and such:

I came home and immediately began baking the salmon I had in the fridge because 1) It needed to be cooked today because it was approaching its “sell by” date, and 2) I knew I’d be a cranky lady hungry for something fast in about the time it took to cook the salmon. Sure enough, by the time the salmon was finished, I was ready to eat, so I threw together this little gem

Spinach topped with spaghetti squash & pasta sauce & salmon on the side

Spinach topped with spaghetti squash & pasta sauce & salmon on the side.

I went back for more spaghetti squash, pasta sauce, and added some broccoli to it.

A short bit later, I snacked on some pretzels and peanut butter

I'm blown away by how much I LOVE these unsalted pretzels!

I’m blown away by how much I LOVE these unsalted pretzels!

and settled in for a lazy afternoon with Sex and the City reruns. Yup, I definitely found my happy place 🙂


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