V-Day (a.k.a. Almost Friday!!)

Hello, and here’s my obligatory acknowledgement of Valentine’s Day. Now don’t go thinking I’m some bitter ol’ lady who hates Valentine’s Day because of its sappy, over-saturated PDA nature, excessive unnecessary, belly-expanding holiday-related gifts, and all the pink and red. Rather, I’m a married 26-year-old lady who who hates Valentine’s Day because of its sappy, over-saturated PDA nature, excessive unnecessary, belly-expanding holiday-related gifts, and all the pink and red. Ok, maybe I don’t hate it, I just find it frivolous and mildly annoying. Who wants a “special” date night when everyone else is out on the same “special” designated date night – that’s not romantic, that’s crowded. And how much chocolate, stuffed animals (we’re adults,) flowers (they die, people,) and pink ‘n’ red fluffy decor (I like pink, in moderation, and I like red, but together an icky combo they make) does a person need? I mean, seriously, even Kelly Ripa was getting on my nerves today – she kept doing some goofy, pretend seductive dance after each aphrodisiac food item was introduced. And, believe me, after 7 disgusting aphrodisiac foods (I’m talking, ox heart, urchin testicles, etc.), her high-voiced/awkward swivel hip seductive shuffle thing got really old. Don’t worry, I’m not off the Ripa for good, just had a bad run-in with her today. We’ll work on patching that up tomorrow.

So, I bet you’re wondering if Boyfriend and I are doing anything tonight! Uh, no. But, again, not because I’m a bitter, Valentine’s day hatin’, ol’ lady. It’s mostly because he’ll likely have to work late tonight, and it’s not really worth trying to force in a date night tonight when we can happily postpone it to later this weekend. But in all honesty, it probably doesn’t help that Boyfriend and I just never really got into gift exchanging of any kind during holidays (count it: Christmas, birthdays, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, and what the heck is Sweetest Day?) It’s been like this our entire relationship, really. In general, we tend to focus our “gifting” for each other on trips/vacations because it’s something we both truly enjoy and prefer (not to mention, it’s a pain to try to surprise B with any gift because he always just buys himself whatever he wants, so yeah.)

Now, with all that said, here’s a big thanks to my mama who made sure to let me know she still loves me even though I moved away again 😀

photo (21)

photo (20)

In case you can’t read the bottom there, she wrote that I’m so special to her 😀
Love you too, Mom!

Moving on, so today’s workout:

I did an interval gig on the elliptical today. In spite of Kelly Ripa’s cripplingly annoying behavior this morning, I completed a full hour of intervals (4 minute warm-up, then 45 seconds at level 10 and 1 minute 15 seconds rest at level 7. I repeated this until my hour was up and did a few minutes of a cool down.) I definitely felt the burn – even my arms were getting fatigued during that last several sets of intervals because I was pumping that darn hard.

While cursing Kelly Ripa and bemoaning my remaining 5 sets of intervals, I devised a brilliant plan to surprise Boyfriend with a little Valentine’s gift. See, I’m no bitter ol’ lady – I love my man! So, after the gym, I decided to push off my shower a tad longer (what’s another hour when I had already gone all of yesterday without showering in spite of 2 sweat sessions – I’m one cool, classy, clean cat ;D) and go find my man a little token of my love (I was already out dropping off my car insurance policy paperwork at the agent’s office because I’m a multi-tasker like that.)

B liked his dark chocolate and non-Valentine’s Day card that I got him and scribbled all kinds of Erin-esque sentiments inside 😀 Then we got down to business – LUNCH:


The last of the baked salmon from yesterday, steamed broccoli, spaghetti squash, & marinara sauce
Shotty picture because the dish was steaming in front of my phone, but this is the last of the baked salmon from yesterday, steamed broccoli, spaghetti squash, & marinara sauce

The salmon tasted even better today than yesterday – less dry, somehow. And I should say that after Boyfriend left to return to the office, I totally did a nose dive into the rest of the food in the kitchen. I suppose it wasn’t that dramatic, but I had a string cheese with some pretzels then moved onto the hard stuff – copious amounts of yogurt, peanut butter, a banana, and a FiberOne brownie. Safe to say, I won’t be in any sort of calorie-deficit today, buddy! Guess it’s just day two of the hungry-chica…

On tap for tonight:

For dinner, I plan to roast/bake a chicken (is there a difference? just popping the bird in the oven at 450 for an hour or more.) B was kind enough to prepare it when he was home for lunch (because I won’t touch that thing til it’s cooked) so it’s all ready for me to pop in the oven tonight. Before that, I plan to go to the 5pm PiYo class at the YMCA (given that I’m not still in a mild food coma.) Last Thursday was my first time, and though I didn’t like it much at the beginning (a little too choreograph-y,) by the end I really liked all the strength training/Pilates components. So, I’m going to give it another whirl tonight.

From Sookie the Baker to Sookie the Fang-Banger:

I love me some tv show re-runs and to my delight I’ve recently stumbled upon Gilmore Girls re-runs! Well, imagine my surprise when I recognized the man I know as Terry Bellefleur from True Blood (Todd Lowe) as one of the band members of Rory’s best friend, Lane’s, band (and later in the series, he also becomes Lane’s baby’s daddy – movin’ up in the world) on Gilmore Girls! Looks like he went from one Sookie (Melissa McCarthy’s character in Gilmore Girls) to another Sookie (Anna Paquin in True Blood) – zing! 😛

Then, today I nearly fell over when I saw Jon Hamm on Gilmore Girls as Lorelai’s boyfriend reject, Peyton!

Who tosses Don Draper aside?!

Who’d’ve thunk it?

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  1. Connor says:

    Roast and bake are the same thing!

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