The weekend with Dad was a definite success, my friends! Let’s do a quick recap:

Dad arrived Friday about 5 hours later than planned, and this was very unfortunate. First thing Friday morning, I received an oh-so-friendly call from US Airways notifying me that his flight was delayed (no!!!!). No good. So he ended up missing his connection out of Philly, but the gate agent re-booked him on another connecting flight that would get him into Harrisburg about 2 hours later than originally planned. Not the end of the world, but I was a little disappointed.

THEN, that flight was delayed. Indefinitely. I began to get a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach at this point. About 20 minutes of constantly refreshing my US Airways flight status web page, I fell to pieces when I saw that the flight was canceled! Eek! I frantically began calling Boyfriend at work to hound him for save-the-day options for Dad. After lots of calling back and forth among Dad, Boyfriend, and me, we finally got Dad onto a train from the airport into downtown Philly onto the Amtrak train to Harrisburg. Oh maaaaaaaan, it was stressful! I thought I was an anxious traveler. As it turns out, I’m an anxious awaiting-my-guest’s-arrival person too. So finally, 5 hours later, I picked my dad up from the Amtrak station (bottle of beer and a package of peanut butter crackers awaiting for him in the car because I care :D) and shuttle us both back to the house for some much delayed snacking and beer-ing. And I’m happy to say from then on out, it was smooth sailing and a great time had by all 🙂

After unwinding with good ol’ catch-up chit chat, cheese and pretzels, and beers, B came home from work and the 3 of us went around the corner to Midtown Tavern for some dinner and… You guessed it: Beer! I had a yummy cheeseburger and fries and some $2 Yuenglings. Dad’s a snob and ordered bottled Michelob Ultra. We then be-bopped over to another pub for more beverage-ing and some rounds of darts. That pretty much sums up that night.

Saturday we awoke and tackled the day with a greasy breakfast from the diner down the street (grilled cheese and fries for me!) Then Dad and I took a nice little stroll through downtown. It was great to be able to share that with him – the capitol building, the YMCA, all the bars on 2nd street, etc. It was a tad frigid and windy, so we wrapped it up fairly quickly. Once my food finally slugged its way through my system enough so that I didn’t feel like I needed to be rolled from each room, I followed Dad’s lead:

Turns out, I decided to be a snob too and switch to some Mich Ultra action.

Mich Ultra action for me too!

For about an hour, we enjoyed the Pursuit of Happyness (HOLY COW! I forgot what an amazing movie that is! Warms the cockles of my heart!) before the UK game. However, none of us gave it any thought that being in Pennsylvania, a local college team would be aired on CBS (Pittsburgh), not UK. Whoops! Fortunately, Boyfriend was able to muster up some techy awesome-ness and stream it from his laptop:

How cozy!

How cozy!

UK bombed, but surprisingly, Dad didn’t seem fazed.In fact, he seemed markedly relaxed throughout (no pacing for this guy!)

After the game we watched some good ol’ fashioned James Bond before I got my act together and showered and then we went out with B’s coworker for a little bit of downtown gallavanting. Another fairly low key night, but thoroughly enjoyable 😀

Sunday was extremely lazy. We hung around watching tv until it was time to take Dad to the airport. Fortunately his return flights were much smoother than Friday’s.

Thanks so much for visiting, Dad! I had a blast 😀

Unfortunately, the weekend didn’t end so happily 😦 While shuffling down the stairs…

Stupid slippery, slippers!

Stupid slippery, slippers!


My damn slippers slipped off the edge of one of the stairs (maybe I wasn’t picking up my feet and inadvertently slid from one stair to the next?) and I plopped down rather forcefully – right on my keister! I yelped and there were tears – the kind that take you back to when you were a kid and fell down and cried from the pain and shock alone. It hurt! I knew it was only a matter of time until I wiped out on those stairs. There have been too many near-spills to count. Well, last night was the night, and I have the bruised tailbone to show for it. So today’s workout has consisted of gingerly ambling around the house, switching from one buttock to the other while in the chair, and 20 minutes on/20 minutes off with the ice pack (read: NOTHING.) Which isn’t doing much for my mood. I feel frumpy and lazy and disgusting. Granted, my lack of shower today and frequent visits to the pantry & refrigerator haven’t helped with those feelings, I’m sure. Starting the day off with a good sweat session is so crucial for me, and I tell ya, I just flew off the bandwagon today without it. :/

So here’s hoping for a better day tomorrow with less painful rump action and improved nutritional merit. Bleh.

How was everyone’s weekend?

When was the last time you cried from sheer physical pain?

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3 Responses to Kerrrrr-plunk!

  1. Brittany says:

    Ohhh no!! Sorry to hear about your fall, but yay for an awesome dad weekend! I hope your glutes are ok haha!

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