Mid-Week Myriad

It’s after noon on Wednesday, which means we’re more than half-way to the weekend! May as well call it Friday version 1.0! (with versions 2.0 & 3.0 to follow in the next 2 days…)

… Ok, maybe not – I guess there’s no getting around the fact that we’re just sandwiched between a Tuesday and a Thursday. Meh :/

Alrighty then, my day started off with a solid interval workout on the elliptical. There was heavy sweating, wobbly legs afterwards (my post workout shower even felt like a chore – had I not been glistening so intensely *doused in sweat*, I would’ve skipped the shower altogether!), but I felt darn good about myself afterwards – so, go me! [Oh, and quick update! I think I’ve mentioned how I was experiencing pain/discomfort in my calf/behind-the-knee area when I’d use the elliptical lately – well, I’ve discovered if I keep the incline around level 5-7, ain’t no pain, yo!]

I iced my tailbone for a while as I booked my dear friend, Carrie, for a visit to spend a whole weekend with me in March – so excited!!

Then it was time for lunch! Good thing because I was about to gnaw off a limb. I baked some tilapia and steamed some brussel sprouts (which took forever therefore putting my aforementioned limb at risk of being gnawed off again) and assembled fish tacos for Boyfriend and me!

dark lettuce, red onion, avocado, tilapia, and salsa

dark lettuce, red onion, avocado, tilapia, and salsa

If you’re curious, this is the kind of wrap I’ve been using for my burritos lately:

My one and only impulse-buy from Wegman's last week. It's technically "flatbread" but worked fairly well for burritos and was way lower in calories, so that's a win.

My one and only impulse-buy from Wegman’s last week. It’s technically “flatbread” but worked fairly well for burritos and was way lower in calories, so that’s a win.

A couple of hours, a load of laundry, and some blog reading later, I began to feel restless, so I took a walk. I thought I might be able to channel Monday’s sunny afternoon stroll. Instead, it was gloomy and WINDY. Seriously, the wind and I were going at it pretty much the entire time. Good thing I remembered myself and didn’t haul off and bitch slap thin air.

The river path is on a heavily trafficked road, annnnnd that doesn’t look quite so normal.

Now onto my myriad of randoms (not that the post wasn’t random prior to this portion…):

– Jennifer Lawrence rocks my socks

– I thoroughly enjoyed channeling my inner fat kid thanks to Lindsay.

– I really dislike it when I’ve just applied hand lotion and then need to wash my hands shortly thereafter. All that hard work literally down the drain – AND you’re left with dry hands again! Grr, good hygiene practices!

– I groggily rolled over in bed the other night to find Boyfriend helping himself to a little snack he had apparently brought up with him to bed a couple hours earlier. It would seem he anticipated waking in the middle of the night wanting a little string cheese to nosh on. I wasn’t so groggy after my fit of giggles and his genuine confusion at what I found so amusing. I mean, I guess who doesn’t wake up from a dead sleep and reach over to the bedside table for their midnight snack? Man, good thing he’s cute because he is Weeeiiird.

I’m gonna call it quits here, kids. I honestly don’t know how much of this post is going to upload successfully, so best of luck working your way through it, and here’s a thank you in advance (although, by the time you’ve made it down here, you’ve already put for the effort, effectively negating my advanced thank you – you’ll just have to believe that I thanked you before hitting “Publish”…)

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