Attitude of Gratitude

Man, I had a great sleep last night! I can’t remember the last time I woke up feeling so rested – and that’s even counting weekend mornings.

Unfortunately, that well-rested, awesome sleep didn’t quite translate to an awesome workout. To be fair, I did drag myself to the gym and power through an hour long elliptical session (no frills – just repeated 2 minutes at level 8 & 3 minutes @ level 10 keeping strides-per-minute at 140), so that’s something. But I could tell that was going to be the extent of it. Since having bruised my tailbone, I haven’t gone to any of the group fitness classes because I’m so limited on what kinds of exercises I can do (no squats or lunges, no crunches because lying on my back isn’t happening, no jumping, etc etc etc – sound like a 26 year old with a bruised bum or a 90 year old with a broken hip?)  And I really dislike strength training on my own. I know, I know, lifting is good for me, it revs your metabolism, it will help me attain those abs and jiggle-free arms I aspire to, it keeps my bones strong, blah blah blah. I truly believe all that. I just plain hate strength training on my own. Hence, why those classes are so ideal for me. They motivate me and they make strength training so much more enjoyable for me.

This morning, however, as I decided to give myself a break and not worry about doing any lifting while my butt is still on the fritz, I began to question why isn’t it good enough that I’m just out there moving 5 or more days per week? Why is it so bad that I strongly prefer cardio to lifting? I know it’s good to switch things up, and I do try to most of the time, but what’s so wrong with sticking to what I like as long as it keeps my physically active?

Part of the reason for my hatin’ on lifting is simply because I’m throwing a pity party and wanting to make myself feel better about lacking motivation and range of motion right now. I may not enjoy lifting/strength training (at least, on my own), but I do like the feeling of fatigued muscles and knowing I’ve worked them. So, I’ll get back to it, I just need an attitude adjustment in the meantime… I actually read a post yesterday about adjusting your attitude. I guess I should have started this yesterday, but I’ll belatedly try and work on fine-tuning my attitude of gratitude 🙂

So after the elliptical and mentally bashing strength training, I fixed lunch.

Salad (more dark leafy greens, black & pinto beans, tilapia, avocado, onion, & salsa) & a side of toast with avocado

Salad (more dark leafy greens, black & pinto beans, tilapia, avocado, onion, & salsa) & a side of toast with avocado

I so love it when I’ve already cooked the meals for the week and can then just throw together whatever leftovers I want and heat them up – very conducive to my cooking habits, or lack thereof 🙂 I’m also trying to clean out our refrigerator because we’re going to Cincinnati this weekend!

Boyfriend and I fly out early tomorrow morning for our respective Cincinnati weekends. When we land, I’ll shuttle him off to work (he’ll be working from the Cincinnati office downtown tomorrow), I’ll go hit up the gym, then get cleaned up for my doctor appointment (just a regular ol’ check-up, which I haven’t had since I was in high school. Once I started yearly girly-doctor visits, I swore off doctors’ offices forever, seriously, who would subject themselves to more doctors’ visits after the hell that is a gyno exam?! forgot all about regular general physician check-ups), and then meet my mom and aunt downtown for happy hour!!!

My mommy & me!

Moi, Aunt Tracy, and my mom 🙂 (Whoa! SOMEONE yous truly wore sunglasses & got sunburned that day!)

Saturday and Sunday, I’ll be attending a yoga teacher training seminar with my mom (she’s already a self-employed yoga & Pilates instructor, so I’m just gonna cheat off her) as well as celebrating her birthday Saturday night 🙂 And while I’m guzzling wine and downward-dogging all weekend with Momma diligently learning the art of instructing yoga, Boyfriend will be gallivanting around town with his Cincinnati posse (hence our respective Cincinnati weekends).

So, gang:

– Do you strongly prefer or strongly dislike any particular form of physical activity?

– Do you think there is such a thing as a “balanced” fitness routine or should you just do whatever floats your boat as long as it gets you moving?

– What’s on your agenda for the weekend?

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2 Responses to Attitude of Gratitude

  1. Monica says:

    Ahhhh…. you are such a sweetie! I love you. xoxo Thank you for the kind words. I feel so blessed that you are my daughter. We are gonna have a fab time this weekend!! And I’ll be the one cheatin’ off of you in yoga class as I’ve picked up some bad habits. 😉

  2. Brittany says:

    I am a cardio junkie. I totally believe in strength workouts bettering the cardio, but I just don’t do them! Strength work will help my running, BUT I DON’T DO THEM. Haha. I love cardio.

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