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Keep on Keepin’ on…

Sorry, folks, but I’m gonna bust this post out fairly quickly because I’m on a bit of a time crunch today. This is actually the first opportunity I’ve had all day to actually sit down in front of my laptop! … Continue reading

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Well, Hell…

GRRR! 1) It feels like Thursday. I was doing so well with keeping myself mentally in sync with the actual week day this week too! Monday flew by, so Tuesday actually felt a bit like Monday, and I can work with feeling … Continue reading

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Friends Who Sweat Together, Eat/Drink/Play/Stay Together :D

Well, Monday certainly got away from me – sorry about that! I somewhat fear that Monday posts are gonna be a bit hit and miss over the next few weeks due to my yoga classes I’m teaching, but we will … Continue reading

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I Still Got It!

Oh, man, was yesterday rough! So so so glad it’s Friday today. Honestly, though, even after going to sleep fairly early last night, I still needed a nap this afternoon to finally get into a functional Friday groove. Now I’m … Continue reading

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Who’d’ve Thunk It?

Today should be Friiiiiiiiidaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy. I’m whining. Needless to say, today feels like a Friday. I should begin this post by fessin’ up: I had one… ok, two… three too many tasty brewskies last night Basically, my planned solo-evening Blue Moon indulgence … Continue reading

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Did’s and Didn’t’s

1. I did not go to Pilates class last night (oops!). * However, I did practice my yoga sequence last night (in preparation for my second class I’m teaching tomorrow!) * I also did attend a Pilates class this morning after ellipticizing. 2. I did not eat spaghetti … Continue reading

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Whoa, Nelly!

Nervous Nelly, that is! Seriously, I was a nervous wreck ALL day yesterday. I was such an anxious mess over my first yoga class that I could barely eek out any of my to-do list! I’m lucky I managed to … Continue reading

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It’s Friday & I Am Feeling Good!

I went shopping, and: 1) I found what I was looking for, 2) Said items fit me (?!), 3) and I walked away from the whole experience feeling good about myself! I had a bit of free time on my hands yesterday afternoon, … Continue reading

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Thankful Thursday v. 1.0

I thought today we could try giving a little shout out to/for some of the things we’re thankful, so, welcome to my first Thankful Thursday installment 🙂 1) This isn’t exactly the epitome of expressing gratitude, but I realized I hadn’t … Continue reading

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Teacher’s Pet

Happy Hump Day, everyone! I don’t usually have so much spunk on a Wednesday, but I am feeling good 🙂 So I’m just gonna gratefully accept it and run with this. Workout: 65 minutes on the elliptical (5 minute cool-down … Continue reading

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