My Brain is Mush

You’ll have to bear with me today, folks. Getting up before 5am on Friday to catch a flight, followed by 18 hours of yoga teacher training (including yoga practicing) over the weekend, followed by a late flight back to Harrisburg last night has left me a fumbling, mumbling, jumbled mess. Seriously, I could hardly eek out a friendly exchange of pleasantries with my next door neighbor as I returned from the grocery store this afternoon.



Needless to say, my list of accomplishments for the day didn’t amount to much.

However, in an attempt to prevent this post from becoming a total wash, here are a few tid-bits I want to share:

1. As of yesterday at 530PM, I am officially trained to instruct level 1 yoga 🙂 My next steps are to heal my tailbone so that I can do a forward fold and bridge pose without looking like a rickety geriatric (might be good to be able to instill a little bit faith in my potential students that I actually know what the heck I’m doing :P), and pursue my volunteer yoga teaching hours within the community (I’ve already spoken with the YMCA Wellness Director about this, so I potentially already have something lined up, but I first need to fix my butt so I can perform properly).

2. I am HORRENDOUS with social media/technology aspects of this blogging thing. The only pictures I got of this weekend were a round of happy hour beers with my mom and B on Friday (at one of our favorite watering holes in Cincinnati – Neon’s):

My beloved Hudepohl Amber Lager is on the right - oh! and my afternoon snack of McDonald's chicken nuggets with spicy mustard sauce...

My beloved Hudepohl Amber Lager is on the right, and my afternoon snack of McDonald’s chicken nuggets with spicy mustard sauce…

and a snap from Whole Foods on our lunch break Sunday:

Yummy salad full of randoms! (salmon, corn, roasted kale, peas, lima beans, salsa, etc.)

Yummy salad full of randoms! (salmon, corn, roasted kale, peas, lima beans, salsa, etc.)

with a side of bean soup...

with a side of bean soup…

I’ve mentioned this before, but I truly need to get into the habit of busting out my iPhone for blog photo opps. I’ve never been big on taking pictures (never carried around a camera and always felt awkward trying to assemble people for group pictures or posing for pictures in general), and I only recently acquired my husband’s hand-me-down iPhone 4, so this is quite new to me. I’m working on it…

3. I got my delivery confirmation for my PB2 order I placed last week!

And, yes, I most certainly did order both the regular peanut butter flavor AND the chocolate flavor – SO STOKED!

I ordered this stuff almost immediately after reading about it on Avery’s blog. If this it’s as good as the reviews and Avery claim, I could save myself a hefty amount of calories when I happen to fall face-first into a self-served vat of peanut butter (not proud of this, just keepin’ it real). Not to mention, it’s a powder so I can bring it with me when visiting countries apparently unaware of the pure bliss found in a heaping spoonful of peanut butter (I encountered this dilemma while in Brazil, India, and various European countries while on our honeymoon – it was a dark time, trust me). Also, I paid $3.99 for a jar, which I consider VERY reasonable compared to other nut butter prices I’ve come across ($5 or more!). I’m all for trying out sunbutter, almond butter, and all those other fancy nut butters, but I’m not about to take out a loan for a jar of the stuff. Hence, why I’ve always stuck with regular ol’ pb (crunchy all the way!)

Alrighty, well, I said a “few” tidbits – one, two, three equals a “few,” so I’m done.

Thanks for your patience – stayed tuned throughout this week as I attempt to redeem myself and post something of more substance and coherence…


– Anyone else find themselves in a Monday fog today?

– For other bloggers, how did you get into the habit of taking pictures of activities, food, and other share-worthy items for your posts?

– Is it really worth the extra $2+ per jar for the “fancy” nut butters?

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3 Responses to My Brain is Mush

  1. Brittany says:

    Oh man I am so programmed that I take pictures of EVERYTHING these days. Uh YES it is so worth it for extra $$$ on PB. I actually grind my own from just peanuts at my health food store. I neeed a peanut grinder, but they’re like $1000 bucks. YIKES! I’ve been in a fog all month. HA!

  2. PB2 is amazing! It was actually out of stock in the grocery stores in my area a couple of weeks ago and I almost freaked out! Luckily my parents saved the day and brought me some when they came to visit me!

    • erinksage says:

      That’s awesome they carry it in your grocery store. I had to hit up Amazon for my fix. I’m happy to hear how much you like it – I can’t wait to try it!

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