Geese Rule These Streets

Not to worry, good people – I slept, I exercised, I ate, I ran errands, and I’m back to feeling way less mushy (physically & mentally)!!

Ironically, a weekend of learning about and practicing yoga didn’t leave me feeling all svelte and zen. Rather, it left me a bit of a hot mess. Toss in some stress eating, and you have one rough-looking/feeling-Erin on Monday morning. Not pretty.

I pulled myself together and got moving this morning, though. I made it to the gym today an hour earlier than yesterday (it was that kind of Monday, I tell ya…) and did the “crosstrain” or “random” setting on the elliptical. You know, the one where the display looks like this:

elliptical display I worked it for a solid hour with a 5 minute cool-down and the resistance levels varied between 7 & 13. I felt good when I finished. I then walked my swampy self home and did some I’m-still-a-bit-of-a-gimp toning exercises:

– 3 sets of forearm planks (1 minute) & side forearm planks (45 sec.)

– 3 sets of this inner thigh routine (20 lifts instead of 10, though) w/ 2.5 lb. ankle weights

– 4 sets of chataranga-style push-ups on my knees (10 reps)

– 3 sets of clam digs (20 reps each side) w/ 2.5 lb. ankle weights & a 2.5 lb. dumbbell

– 4 sets of various oblique ab/crunch moves that didn’t involve me rolling onto my tailbone

After de-swamp-ifying myself in ‘da shower, Boyfriend and I cooked grilled cheeses for lunch. I had had (<– not a typo. Though, I felt like a baller as a kid when I’d find 2 “had”s in a book.. until I realized it’s just the darn past perfect tense :/) a hankering for some serious cheese action since yesterday when B mentioned wanting grilled cheese and tomato soup (I vetoed his request and made us eat egg sandwiches because our eggs needed to be eaten – livin’ life on the edge), so today was the day!


Totally went back for a second grilled cheese after I inhaled this one…

We used low-sodium V8 again for our tomato soup. I tell ya, it’s amazing how good V8 tastes when heated up as tomato soup. I tried drinking some on its own chilled in a glass, though, and could barely stomach a few sips – plain gnarly! Oh, and note my multi-vitamin on the side of my plate up there 😉 I’ve been doing pretty well with that little habit lately (now just gotta up my water intake and kick my intravenous peanut butter habit, and I’ll be golden!)

Later in the afternoon, I took a break from catching up on the blogger stalking I’d fallen behind on due to my delirious state of exhaustion yesterday, and I went for a walk.

Not a great picture, but I promise, it was sunny and beautiful out!

Not a great picture, but I promise, it was sunny and beautiful out!

I only meant to meander around in the sunshine for about 20 minutes. 40 minutes later, I found my way back home. Once I successfully navigated myself around the geese that occupy the river walk like a pack of bullies, I really enjoyed myself and just kept truckin’ along listening to Pandora. Seriously, though, can we agree geese are scary animals! (I may have had a traumatizing run-in or two when in college along a bike path with a pack of rather agitated geese. Hateful creatures. And they poop green. Everywhere!)

After my walk I put in my YogaFit instructing DVD to do a little yoga practicing of my own, but also to go over some instructor cuing and class format stuff. That lasted for about 40 minutes before I decided I was at that precarious point of hunger: the point at which I can still manage to cook myself a legit meal, however, if I were to wait another 10 minutes, I would find myself at the point where I can only ravenously mow my way through the pre-made/packaged food items in the refrigerator and pantry and most likely over-stuff myself and/or achieve a food coma. Not something I needed after my track record over the last week… So, cooked I did, and voila!

Baked tilapia, steamed asparagus, half a baked potato, & avocado. It looks very plain, but was surprisingly delicious.

Baked tilapia, steamed asparagus, half a baked potato, & avocado. It looks very plain, but it was surprisingly delicious.

That’s pretty much the extent of it for tonight!


– Do you find geese (or any other animal) unnerving?

– Let’s talk about the serving size of cheese – what the heck is one ounce? I read it’s ONE slice?!

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4 Responses to Geese Rule These Streets

  1. Brittany says:

    What a great idea to have V8 as your soup!! I gotta try that. Glad to hear your day today went better, I know mine will too!! Geese always freak me out, they’re known to attack! I keep my distance haha.

  2. grandma says:

    Have you ever had a gruyere grilled cheese—Eh. Remember the movie the Devil wears Prada the boyfrind made those grilled cheeses—-if I rmemeber

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