Easy, My Butt! (Which is feeling better, btw! :D)

Today Feels Like: Friday, 100%. But it’s only Thursday. No bueno. Actually, I woke up wanting to blow off the entire day and just treat it like a Saturday (and, friends, feeling 2 days ahead of what day it actually is, is a really bad state of mind in which to find yourself) – lollygag in bed for a while, make a nice morning meal, go for a hike, etc.


Fortunately, I got over my “Saturday-sensing” self and went to the gym. I ellipticized at a fairly easy pace for an hour, switching between resistance levels 8 & 10 as I saw fit. I should clarify – I intended for it to be an easy workout, but that sh** was still tough! Therefore, when I got home I reasoned that since I was so whooped by my “easy” workout, I could (should, even! ;D) skip the toning exercises. Instead I swept and mopped the kitchen and bathroom and picked up some dry cleaning. I figured channeling a little domestic-goddess-ness would make up for skimping on the strength training… Besides, maybe I’ll do some yoga later on – that counts for something!


I was SUPER hungry after working out today and found myself day-dreaming about bacon on my walk home from the gym (walking past Subway also offered some delectable food fantasy visuals…), so when lunch rolled around, Boyfriend and I made bacon sandwiches again. Actually, right when he walked in the door, he asked if I’d want bacon sandwiches again today – is there anything better than when a man reads your food craving!? I don’t know where my bacon craving came from but whoa, it hit me hard yesterday and today! I think I finally satisfied it today, though… That’s not to say there won’t be a burger and/or pizza in my future over the next couple days 😀

I want to share my recent food realization. When I eat/prepare actual meals (and not just endless yogurt concoctions or pretzel/cheese/hummus/snack-y randoms for my “meal”), I end up eating less random crap and feeling more balanced and better physically overall. Who knew, eating balanced meals leads to more balanced eating all around and feeling better! Guess my epiphany quota for the day has been filled – may as well pack up and call this week a wrap!!

Ok, maybe not. I suppose I can settle for unwinding a little later with some yoga and a beer or few tonight in preparation for the weekend – Woo! Don’t you all prepare for a weekend of relaxation by doing some solid relaxing/unwinding before-hand? Gotta get yourself in the right frame of mind and conditioned for a 2-day period of laziness, right?

Welp, that’s really all I have for now – pretty uneventful Thursday so far, but you’ll have that when you wake up 2 days off kilter…


– Any cravings lately that are random for you?

– Do you consider yourself well-trained in the art of eating regular meals vs. opting for the lazy route and snacking your way through a day or an evening?

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