Finally Freakin’ Friday!!

FOR REAL! It’s felt like Friday since Wednesday! And I have been that checked-out since Wednesday. I’ve put up a good fight, and I’m proud of myself, but I have little to offer today…


I had the best yoga practice last night! (At least, the best since falling on my rump…) After taking a quick afternoon stroll (yup, only 20 minutes this time – I was tired from the morning workout, it was blustery out, and I just couldn’t quite jive with what Pandora was feeding me…), I rolled out my mat and got down to it. I decided to just go through my YogaFit instructor’s manual and feel my way through my practice. To my great surprise, I really got into it! For one, my tailbone wasn’t giving me much grief at all 🙂 And I just felt really great in each of my poses and was able to stay present and in touch with my breath. It was a great exercise in relaxation for me and a really nice confidence boost 🙂

This morning’s workout was pretty “meh.” Even more so than yesterday’s elliptical session. Like I said, I’ve been done with this week since Wednesday, and, boy, have my workouts reflected it! Today was definitely one of those days where I had to spit back at my snarky-nay-saying-self, “hey, at least I showed up!” I pretty much just moved around on the elliptical for 45 minutes before calling it a wrap. I didn’t even feel all that jazzed when I hopped off. Ah well, it happens. I’ll just take it easy over the next couple days and get back on the horse next week.

In spite of the lack-luster cardio, I managed to maintain my resolve to do some strength training when I got home:

– 3 sets of forearm planks (60 seconds) & side planks (45 seconds)

– 3 sets of inner thigh exercises w/ 2.5 lb. ankle weights

– 3 sets of clam digs on each side w/ a 2.5 lb. dumbbell & 2.5 lb. ankle weights (20 reps)

So that’s something 🙂 Another little something is that I found myself having to trot/jog across the street to avoid getting flattened by an on-coming car, and hey! The jogging motion didn’t aggravate the ol’ coccyx! Things are lookin’ up, my friends!! I have big hopes to maybe do a little treadmill jogging next week and hopefully attend a group class or two! Wow, just typing that out brightens my mood 🙂


Sooo, in the midst of a friendly game of Cribbage a couple weeks ago, I lost a bet to Boyfriend.

photo (3)

Behold the scene where this travesty took place (and note the wine I was happily guzzling while Boyfriend was soberly sipping soda water and schoolin’ me in Cribbage…)

Sadly, my terms didn’t stand (bye bye, massage), and instead Boyfriend got me to agree to prepare and roast a chicken. I hate handling a whole chicken – cleaning it, seasoning it, carving it – ick. I don’t like handling uncooked bacon either.

Can you guess who placed the bacon from the package into the skillet??

Anyway, yesterday was time for me to pay up.

This is usually where my chicken-roasting participation ends - line the pan with foil, and I'm outta there!

This is usually where my chicken-roasting participation ends – line the pan with foil, and I’m outta there!

Alas, time to face the music...

Alas, time to face the music…

So I cleaned the bird, pat the bird dry, and salt-n-peppered the bird, and ta-da!

So I cleaned the bird, pat the bird dry, and salt-n-peppered the bird, and ta-da!

My job here is done.

I decided to celebrate my poultry-feat and my kick-ass yoga practice with a beer (or 3) and some trashy-magazine-reading until Boyfriend came home from work. We watched the last episode of House of Cards on Netflix

Catch ya’ next season, Frank…

before heading to our favorite watering hole for a Yuengling.

Finally a picture of Midtown Tavern! Next, I'll get a shot of the inside for you good people. Baby steps, my friends, baby steps.

Finally a picture of Midtown Tavern! Next, I’ll get a shot of the inside for you good people. Baby steps, my friends, baby steps.

I could hardly believe it, but we only stayed for one beer before relocating (*GASP*) a few blocks away for dinner because I wanted to try the veggie burger with tofu fries (I thought I’d show a little restraint and opt for the healthy version of what I wanted. Not to mention, “burger night” is Friday at Midtown Tavern, so I didn’t wanna waste my burger and fries order on a regular ol’ Thursday night there…)


The veggie burger was awesome and topped with avocado, lettuce, and tomato. The tofu fries disappointingly fell flat 😦 There was just no getting around the tofu-ness. I’m not against tofu, I enjoy it, but they were very bland fries. Maybe if they had seasoned them better (or at all), it would’ve been a different story. Not to worry, I made up for it with a couple yogurt concoctions (PB2 and all!) later when we got back home.

Lunch today wasn’t thrilling, but I took the time to take a picture, so I’m sharing it. I wasn’t in the mood to cook or come up with any fun ideas for sandwiches or even chop up produce, so Boyfriend and I split the leftover calzone he brought home the other night.

Check out that side of asparagus! Nevermind the cheese, pepperoni, sausage, and hint of chopped onion - I'm so healthy it hurts, yo'

Check out that side of asparagus! Nevermind the massive quantity of bread, uber-cheesiness, pepperoni, sausage, and hint of chopped onion – I’m so healthy it hurts, yo’

Well, I suppose this has been enough procrastinating – off to the wonderful world of laundry and dishes… Happy Weekend!!!!


– What are your weekend plans?

– Any note-worthy sweat sessions this week (stellar and crappy workout stories are welcome)?

– Are there any food items you don’t care to handle/cook?

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2 Responses to Finally Freakin’ Friday!!

  1. Brittany says:

    I love tofu, but tofu fries just sound too funky for me. You can’t mess with fries!! At least you tried them though! That asparagus looks delish, it’s been far too long since I have had some! Awesome yoga session! I had a killer hike today!

  2. I’m terrified to cook a whole chicken haha. I have visions of Christmas Vacation and me cutting it open 🙂 tofu fries?! That’s def a diff ideA!

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