Tuesday’s Turnin’ Around Tonight!

Indeed, today started out kinda crappy and continued in said fashion all the way through the stinkin’ afternoon.

First of all, I had weird dreams all night, which always leaves an unpleasant taste in your mouth (figuratively, of course – I literally taste nothing in the morning but bitterness at being awoken before I’m good and ready Monday thru Friday, and occasionally my own dried out tongue in need of a big gulp of water). And secondly, it was gloomy, pouring down rain, and just plain nasty outside – why on earth would I wanna get outta bed and tackle that day?!

Whatever, tackle-away I did (or tried, rather). I trudged to the gym and sported a nice big wet spot right on the front of my shorts from carrying them in the rain (it didn’t even look like I peed myself – it looked like someone water-ballooned me right in my crotch. Good thing it’s just me and the old men holdin’ down the fort at that time of day…) Then I trudged through the “cross country” elliptical setting (60 minutes, but just barely – after 20 minutes and a mild fear of “death by cardio,” I drastically reduced all the “hill” resistance settings by about 4 levels). Then I cursed my aching heel/ankle (way to love and appreciate my body and all the daily activities it carries me through, huh?), and trudged my grumpy butt back home (droopy drawers and all – what with the darn rain puddles soppin’ down the bottoms of my sweatpants – I know where sexy’s at, yo ;D).

I feel ya, sister!

Now, because I’m no Debbie-Downer, I’d like to introduce my first positive note of the day: I did not one, not two, not three, but FIVE post-cardio exercises when I got home! That’s right – 3 sets of squats, lunges, lat raises, forearm planks, and crunches. I’ve outdone myself – I know what you’re thinking, “Call it a day? Heck, call it a week, Lady!” Nahhh, I’ll be back because I’m a B-A-L-L-E-R!

I then trudged to the second-rate super market ventured into the wonderful land of groceries: Weis! In general, I’m a big follower of the list upon entering a grocery store, and today was no different. However, I did notice that if I am going to take liberties with my list, the produce section is where this will happen (and I’m a-ok with that. The produce department is where I can do minimal damage to my health, and I’m bad with meal creativity/planning, so if something strikes my fancy, I run with it!) Basically, I’ll knock out everything on the list, but I’ll happily snatch up a choice veggie or two that’s on sale without any qualms or a tasty-looking avocado that catches my eye for a lunch add-on… I try to be just as open-minded at the seafood counter when selecting a salmon fillet or tilapia or shrimp or something, but honestly, the people manning those counters intimidate me. I like to safely stick to the pre-packaged, already-set-out seafood items for purchase, but every time I bend over to investigate the selection, someone pounces on me and wants to unload a whole slew of seafood selections on me! Sheesh, back off, if I wanted help, I’d ask, and isn’t the whole point of this pre-packaged stuff so that we don’t have to interact?! So, usually, I run for the hills. As for the rest of the store, unless Boyfriend is by my side tugging at my sleeve begging for a treat, I heed the list.

Except he’s a grown man. And like 6’5″… And just tosses things in the cart.

I cruised through Weis quickly and easily and made my way to the checkout. All was going well and some friendly chit chat ensued between the cashier and me. She said she’d been running out of dinner ideas lately, and I agreed with her. All of a sudden, she became a dinner-menu connoisseur and decided she could fix all my dinner woes. Granted, her dinner ideas included hot dogs (um, no – I like hot dog-type meats, but I prefer a legit honkin’ bratwurst at a legit German restaurant, or heck, IN Germany!) and meatloaf (Boyfriend doesn’t do meatloaf) and pasta (she looked at me like I had a third eye when I told her that’s why I bought the spaghetti squash… She actually replied, “No, honey, like spaghetti with sauce.” I wanted to say, “You do know what’s inside a spaghetti squash, right, lady?” but I was waiting for her to swipe her store discount card for me, so I held my tongue like a good little girl :D). No biggie, I left Weis unscathed and welcomed myself back home with some lunch:

Spring mix, quinoa, black beans, avocado, salsa, onion, & grape tomatoes

Spring mix, quinoa, black beans, avocado, salsa, onion, & grape tomatoes. Pretzels and hummus followed this spread.

After lunch, I got down to coordinating yoga class schedules for my potential students and researching possible venues to hold more than 3 of us at a time in a class… Unfortunately, I wasn’t making much progress, and after 3 hours of what felt like nothing but running into walls, I decided to take a walk. I figured a walk would clear my head (maybe generate new ideas), let off some steam, and I could just stop by a couple of the churches I had scoped out as possible venues and maybe speak with someone in person. Turns out the reason the first church wasn’t answering any of my calls is because no one was there (and the doors were barred shut all around the entire edifice – I don’t think I’ll be making any progress there). The Salvation Army building I stumbled upon while trekking to my second church option wanted me to be fully insured, submit a request form detailing my intentions (and then undergo a reviewing period of who-knows-how-long), and pay $35/hour for renting space. I couldn’t get outta there fast enough – $35/hour?! I’m volunteering for a measly 8 hours – TOTAL. Lastly, I came upon my second church option. I had called them earlier in the day and left a voicemail (technically 2 – the first message I left was apparently too long as their machine cut me off. So I called back and continued my begging message) I figured it couldn’t hurt to show up in person and do some more soliciting! I literally could find no sign of a church office, there was no answer from the pastor’s office, and the 2 girls I found chillin’ in a random room had no idea where any church office would be and couldn’t seem to fathom why on earth I’d wanna know such trivial information (seriously, what was I thinking? Walking into a church, looking for an office, with the intent of obtaining some information about the church – Throw this gal in the loony-bin, huh?). 

At this point I was in desperate need of that head-clearing, blowing-off-steam walk I’d originally set out to do, so I put in my head phones, cranked up Pandora and took off for the river trail. And turned around exactly one song later. That wind was bru-tal! Yikes!

I came home and practiced teaching through a yoga sequence to kinda get my thinking, voice, and physical poses all in sync. That lasted for about half an hour, which in light of the frustration and bad attitude I’d developed seemed pretty darn good to me.

I was a little more steamy-eared than super evil-villain vampire-faced, though…

So I made some dinner.

Can you say "stress-eat, much?" :P Actually, I was quite ready for dinner, and I think opting for baked frozen french fries at home is quite a good solution to a fry craving, AND I paired it with an open-faced sandwich with leftover roasted chicken topped with spring mix & cucumber & onions. A WIN for moderation! Followed by 3 yogurt concoctions... details, details...

Can you say “stress-eat” 😛 Actually, I was QUITE ready for dinner, and I think opting for baked frozen french fries at home is a great compromise  for a fry craving, AND I paired it with an open-faced sandwich with leftover roasted chicken topped with spring mix & cucumber & onions (NOT a cheeseburger). A WIN for moderation! Followed by 3 yogurt concoctions… details, details…

Not really sure if it was the happy, full belly or that there was some sort of shift in the universe, but when I came back to my email after dinner, I felt much more calm and hopeful again about this whole volunteer yoga teaching thing. Like, “it’s all gonna work out, Erin,” just chill and let it be. I got a couple confirmation emails for times and dates I’d suggested for our first yoga classes next week, and that really brightened my outlook. The worst case scenario is that I’ll end up having to teach private yoga sessions due to the space limitations of my house, and that’s not so bad. One-on-one instruction is better for the student anyway.

So, really nothing specifically “turned around” tonight other than my mindset and my clenched jaw. I’ve decided to just let things flow and trust it’ll all work out. However, I’m much better at “deciding” things like this (to just let go, roll with it, hang loose) and much worse at actually putting them into practice (and thereby refraining myself from running around like a crazed, maniacal control-freak) 😛 Wish me luck!



– Anyone else have a clenched-jaw-inducing day? If so, how have you handled it?

– Has anyone found the rain/dreary weather (if you had some) soothing today and able to therefore enjoy it?

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