Teacher’s Pet

Happy Hump Day, everyone! I don’t usually have so much spunk on a Wednesday, but I am feeling good 🙂 So I’m just gonna gratefully accept it and run with this.


65 minutes on the elliptical (5 minute cool-down included) doing 45-seconds-hard/1:15-rest intervals of varying intensities depending on how beat I felt during each one. My quads and hamstrings were (and still are) definitely on fire from yesterday’s squats and lunges (I suppose not doing any for 3-4 weeks will have that effect on a person), but it ended up feeling like a pretty good workout all in all 🙂

screamin thighs on elliptical

After threatening to shank Boyfriend if he didn’t get his butt home lickety-split for lunch, he and I sat down to a lovely meal. That’s a lie. It was a tasty meal, but fast and sloppy. We had leftover chicken sandwiches and random veggies with hummus and pretzels that I woofed down so quickly I didn’t think to take a picture of it until now… Ah, well, it wasn’t anything special to look at – besides, I likely would’ve eaten my own hand or the camera for getting in between my face and the plate.

While getting my daily dose of morning talk-show tv…

I found myself very intrigued by a topic of discussion on Kathie Lee and Hoda.

Mmm, I’m ready for wine – maybe my walk today will include a little visit to the wine & spirits store 😀 😀

They were discussing the irony in how people who excelled in school are finding themselves at a great disadvantage in the workforce due to their lack of skills and experience with improvisation/thinking on their feet and influencing or challenging authority. Those exemplary students learned to follow the rules and how to cater to their teachers and other authority figures, and they were rewarded for this behavior with high grades and honors and praise. Women, especially are prone to this because they’re not only taught to behave like this in school, but in society in general. As a result, when it comes to ingenuity, creativity, pushing the envelope, confidently asserting yourself and taking what you deserve (without it being offered to you), those stellar students are at a huge loss because they aren’t of much value in the workplace.

This struck home for me because I was one of those stellar students. Teachers loved me, I knew exactly how they wanted me to write my papers, I never procrastinated and therefore was always prepared for tests and projects and presentations, and I was praised for this behavior. However, I didn’t graduate college and seize a successful career. I floundered around among admin positions (not knowing what the heck I wanted to “do”) and eventually, in a very round-about manner, found myself dabbling in this “healthy lifestyle field” and pursuing yoga teacher training (not at all what my teachers or mentors would’ve guessed for me, I’m sure!)

In fact, many of my high school peers who weren’t in the weighted AP classes and weren’t considered “good students” seem to have found a career path very suiting for themselves in which they’re very successful! My husband is actually, a great example of this. Granted, he’s very intelligent and did take the AP classes in high school, but he never bothered much with homework or following the rules or pleasing teachers. He cut corners regularly and only did the work he thought was worthwhile. He may have irked a great many of his teachers, but as a result, he’s extremely efficient at his job, he isn’t afraid to challenge his supervisors and push his ideas forward, and he’s very highly regarded at his job for these traits.

Things that make ya go “Hmmm…”


– Can anyone else identify with my experience transitioning from school to the real world?

– Do you watch any morning tv talk-shows? (Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan, mostly just him, along with Kathie Lee and Hoda are my favorites! I definitely love to hate them and constantly rip on them in my head, but overall I find myself pretty entertained throughout those shows…)

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5 Responses to Teacher’s Pet

  1. Carrie Z. says:

    It’s funny that you bring up the school to career transition…that’s been on my mind a lot lately. I was a good student too (although I will admit that I was a HUGE procrastinator), but my career isn’t where I hoped it’d be at this point in my life. I was doing some really heavy reading last week (Cosmo magazine) when I came across an excerpt from Sheryl Sandberg’s book (she’s the COO of Facebook). She talks about how society conditions men to project much more confidence than women, and as a result they tend to assert themselves more in the workplace, which leads them to be more successful. So, I am really trying to be mindful of that and would like to try to apply that lesson to my daily life. Easier said than done, I know. Anyway, good post!!

    • erinksage says:

      Thanks, Carrie 🙂 Actually, that COO was referenced in the Kathie Lee & Hoda discussion (she’s been talked about on all the morning shows this week :P), so yeah, that whole conditioning process for men vs. women is a total factor in all this. I also try to be mindful in asserting myself and at least acting confidently so that I’m taken seriously (in social and professional settings). Definitely hard – it’s like playing a mind game with yourself in order to trick yourself and the other person into believing you’re hard-core and worthwhile.

  2. I usually have the Today show on and then Live with Kelly and Michael while I’m doing the usual household chores. Were you as excitied as I was to see Michael Strayhan get picked as the new co host?
    I guess I can’t comment much on the school part of it . I can’t identify with your situation because I was NOT a stellar student, just average. For almost 10 years, before I had Courtney, I just had a regular job. I did not go to college (sometimes I wish I had!) but looking back and seeing where I am now, I am happy with where the path I took got me. 🙂

    • erinksage says:

      I look back on many decisions I’ve made and things I’ve done and definitely feel that way too – just happy where I’ve ended up either because of or in light of those experiences 🙂

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