It’s Friday & I Am Feeling Good!

I went shopping, and:

1) I found what I was looking for,

2) Said items fit me (?!),

3) and I walked away from the whole experience feeling good about myself!

I had a bit of free time on my hands yesterday afternoon, and thought it’d be a good opportunity to brave the scary world of retail. Specifically, I needed something green to wear this weekend since we’ll be celebrating St. Patty’s Day with actual St. Patty’s Day enthusiasts (and something told me my predominantly monochromatic, black-is-safe wardrobe wasn’t gonna fly around this gang). I also have been in the market for some new jeans & more leggings. So, I armed myself with gift cards, braced myself for an afternoon of jeans-trying-on-induced self hatred, and rolled out…


I pulled into the parking lot of Kohl’s and immediately began to feel overwhelmed at the notion of price and product comparisons among the other stores within the same strip, namely Old Navy and Target.



[Yes, my pictures are taken from quite a distance – I parked far away to get in a bit of exercise in anticipation of feeling like a lard-butt after attempting to shove myself into jeans. I figured the extra walking would maybe console me after the ass-whooping I’d undoubtedly experience in the fitting room…]

In general, these 3 stores are my go-to’s for my clothing needs – usually their clothes fit me, I don’t scream in horror at their prices, and I usually have a gift card floating around to at least one of these stores.

Shopping Recap:

Kohls – I began randomly picking out greenish items from the clearance racks to try on (I drew the line at $7 because I really don’t like green and green doesn’t like me, so I reasoned this weekend and maybe a future St. Patty’s Day would be the only times I’d wear this green item…) and also stumbled across $19.99 dark denim skinny jeans. I liked them a lot, but they looked dangerously similar to the pair I already own. The pair I finally called it quits with because they make me feel like a stuffed sausage.

Not unlike this.

Alas! They fit – COMFORTABLY, even!

HA! No way was I gonna take a picture of myself in those jeans - you'll just have to take my word for it - I look as good as this model does in those jeans...

HA! No way was I gonna take a picture of myself in those jeans! You’ll just have to take my word for it – I look markedly similar to this model in her jeans…

Pumped by my find, I ran to the women’s undies department to upgrade my granny panties! Success – I found a 3/$18.99 deal, tossed out the green items I’d haphazardly chosen, and checked the heck outta Kohl’s with my luck and self esteem still intact!

Old Navy – However, I was still green-item-less, so I couldn’t call it quits yet. I briefly perused the Old Navy aisles but was unimpressed (anything reasonably priced was super cheap-O quality material) and  feeling like a tight-ass frugal, so I wasn’t up for spending $50 on, well, anything from Old Navy. Right as I did my about-face to leave, I found a rack on the wall filled with scarves and a sign saying “$2.97 and under!” Lo and behold was this guy staring right at me!



[A strategic accent piece to my monochromatic weekend attire ;)]

So, I snatched up my $3 scarf and high-tailed it outta there (oh, and made the obligatory stop by the check-out counter) yet again before my good fortune could abandon me.

Target – Still legging-less and just generally curious on how I did price-wise with my purchases, I trekked over to Target. After a trip to the dressing room, many laps around the active-wear & women’s departments, and a quick run-through of the shoe selection, I was leaving a happy camper with my new black skinny jeans ($27.99 – a bit steaper than I normally like to pay for jeans, but they fit and my self-confidence was making a solid showing after trying them on, so I got over it) and black leggings – Five Dolla Holla!!

Before I move on, can we just address the goofy sizing system Target has implemented with their pants? What are these gazillion different “fits” they have going on? I tried on one size and I could get into them but the waist and thighs were off (undoubtedly due to the “fit”). I tried on the next size up but a different “fit” and couldn’t even get my calf into the jeans. Then I tried the next size up (different “fit” again) and they worked reasonably well on me. I was tempted to go back and try to figure out which “fit” actually jived with my rump and thighs, but I was so exasperated after trying to figure out those 3 pairs of jeans, I decided to just run with what I had.

Feeling in particularly good spirits after such a successful outing, I decided a celebratory pit stop was in order before heading home:

Beer Me, Sir!

Beer Me, Sir!

Also, my Molson supply was almost out, leaving nothing but Boyfriend’s super heaving IPA’s dominating our refrigerator… Too bad neither the cashier nor the store manager could offer me any insight or suggestions as to a good hefeweizen to try. Truthfully, I’m dying for my Sam Adams Summer Ale, but it doesn’t seem to be carried in the stores yet, so, I settled on some Blue Moon and took my merry self home 🙂

*Sigh* You’ll do, I suppose…

After unloading my car and re-stocking the fridge, I discovered 2 things:

1) A $36 Kohl’s gift card in my wallet that I completely missed! (To make matters worse, my total came to like $36.89. So I used a general Amex gift card I had, which still left me $.09 short. I tried to use a another gift card with some dinky amount like $3 on it, but it was declined. Embarrassed and flustered, I just handed the cashier a dollar bill and got a crap ton of change back. Grrr)

2) It turns out the jeans I bought at Kohls indeed are the exact same jeans as the roly-poly ones I already own! Same size, same product number on the inside tag – what the hell?! Maybe those sneaky laundry elves (you know, the ones who steal your socks’ mates) got in there and shrunk my jeans to give me some sort of “I’m-a-heffer” complex. I bet they live in that damn furnace in the basement too…

Don't be messin' with my jeans, yo!

You hafta be creepy AND mess with my self esteem?! Sheesh, can’t a girl get a break!


I think I was a rockin’ the remnants of yesterday’s shopping high this morning because somehow I cranked out a THIRD day of intervals! I felt so darn good about myself, I even took a self-indulgent gym picture




or two…

Evidently, my kick-ass workout didn't exactly leave me with a post-workout "glow"... There's certainly more pep in that pre-workout photo.

Post-workout. No post-exercise “glow” here, folks – just a tomato face.


Annnnd because I took a picture of it, I suppose I’ll share what I threw together for lunch. Yesterday afternoon, I made my version of mashed cauliflower. It turned out much like last time but I it didn’t leave me disappointed. I was actually craving that same result and taste when I prepared it this time, so win for me 🙂 Anyway, I pretty much just threw together all the leftover stuff we had in the refrigerator in a bowl and went to town:

In this culinary masterpiece you'll find spring mix, leftover roasted chicken breast, black beans, salsa, mashed cauliflower, and cheese.

In this culinary masterpiece you’ll find spring mix, leftover roasted chicken breast, black beans, salsa, mashed cauliflower, and cheese.

This was followed up with a yogurt concoction (Dannon vanilla Greek yogurt, PB2, a FiberOne brownie, and a graham cracker for good measure :D)

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you have a great weekend and a fun time celebrating St. Patty’s Day if you plan to do so!



– Do you love or dread shopping?

– Seriously, has anyone else noticed the weird sizing system Target has in place for their pants? Do you find it beyond confusing??

– What are your weekend plans?

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7 Responses to It’s Friday & I Am Feeling Good!

  1. Sometimes I love shopping, but I have to be in the mood to try stuff on. I hate trying on clothes when I haven’t really gotten ready for the day. I’ve resorted to alot of online shopping on the last year (love ann taylor loft!) Have a nice weekend!

    • erinksage says:

      I 100% agree with having to be in the mood to shop. If I haven’t mentally prepared for roughly 20 minutes, it isn’t likely it’ll turn out well haha. I love Ann Taylor Loft. I have to admit, though, I rarely go in unless it’s at an outlet mall.

  2. Sounds like you did have a fun Friday!
    I think I like window shopping better than actually having the pressure of knowing that I HAVE to buy something for some reason or another. I hate shopping for jeans! I’m short (5 ft 1/2 inch!) so its hard to find ones that fit just right! I have 4 pairs that I’ve had for probably over 5 years and they are not going anywhere since I’ve got them broken in already! I do Kohl’s clearance A LOT!
    We hope to get outside in some form or another this weekend. a hike perhaps? I’ts gonna be nice weather here! 🙂
    Love the green scarf!

    • erinksage says:

      I’m a much bigger fan of window shopping too! It’s so nice not to have to commit to buying anything and instead just mentally noting how nice something is, or how awesome that might look on while not having to actually go through the burden of actually trying it on (it’s such a pain to take clothes off and put clothes on repeatedly – ugh, I swear, it’s a workout in itself! Not to mention the emotional turmoil associated with it haha)

  3. Brittany says:

    I usually hate shopping (unless for food or workout clothes) but I have found two pairs of jean in the past 3 months that fit!! And I like them! And I like the size! It was amazing! I would have been so flustered about finding that gift card after that fact though! BAH!

    • erinksage says:

      I’m already working on how to use up that Kohl’s gift card 😛

      Where’d you find these jeans that fit you so well? I have jeans that fit well, but I have yet to find a pair of rockin’ jeans that are just “perfect” for me…

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