Did’s and Didn’t’s

1. I did not go to Pilates class last night (oops!).

* However, I did practice my yoga sequence last night (in preparation for my second class I’m teaching tomorrow!)

* I also did attend a Pilates class this morning after ellipticizing.

2. I did not eat spaghetti squash for dinner last night.

* I did cook it last night, though!

* And I even ate it for lunch today!

Spaghetti squash topped with pasta sauce & parmesan cheese with a side of spring mix. I had 2 plates of this...

Spaghetti squash topped with pasta sauce & parmesan cheese with a side of spring mix. I had 2 plates of this…

3. I did not give into the Blue Moon calling to me from my refrigerator last night and instead just ate my dinner and went to bed like a sober, responsible adult (BOring).

* I most definitely did give in today, though (WooHOO!)

Just a little something to wash down my Wednesday with :)

Just a little something to wash down my Wednesday with 🙂

Onto a little elaboration, shall we? So last night I decided to skip the 5:15pm Pilates class at my local YMCA and instead take a little afternoon stroll outside and then come home and practice the yoga sequence I’m currently teaching. I reasoned that since my thighs were still car-A-zy sore, I needed some stretching. And that since my next class is Thursday morning, I needed some more practice memorizing the sequence. Not to mention, I had plans to attend the Pilates class at another YMCA branch this morning, so I wanted to make sure my tailbone was in tip-top shape.

Two things resulted from this well-thought-out “reasoning” of mine: 1) I had an all-out brawl with the freakin’ wind yesterday afternoon while attempting to remain upright during my walk. All I could think about was the story about the sun and the wind betting who could get the man on the park bench to take his jacket off first (orrrrrr, something like that). You guys remember this?

The wind blows and blows trying to force the jacket (or blanket, in this case?) off the man…

And then the sun shines its happy, warm rays on the man and he happily takes off the jacket/blanket.

I feel ya, Homeboy! I’ll gladly strip down to my skivvies if that happy sun wants to get cozy with me 😉 I’m just kidding, I don’t strip – No one wants to see my granny-panties I’m classy ;D

2) The Pilates class I attended today kinda sucked. I was all prepared for minute movements instigating intense abdominal burn (boats, hundreds, planks, side planks, corkscrews, etc.), and instead I got a bunch of goofy moves on about 7 different exercise props. We had bands, we had straps, we had balls, mats, swiffer pad things, dumbbells, and more! It was really just a highly-accesorized, super low-intensity body pump class for the elderly. Oh, and set to the Les Mis soundtrack (sorry if you’re a Les Mis fan, but I am not. Especially whilst in the midst of exercise of any sort). And I’m not hatin’ on the “elderly” aspect either – goodness knows I’ve had a 60+ year old Pilates instructor kick my butt before! But this instructor was just flighty (couldn’t keep track of the number of reps to save her life!) and all over the board… I was all-around unimpressed and generally felt like it was a waste of an hour. In fact, after this afternoon’s stroll (only 18 mph winds, not 21!), I did some planks on my own to make up for the lack of core workout I’d hoped for this morning (in all honestly, though, the afternoon plank workout almost turned into a “did not” except for the Blue Moon I had in the fridge motivating me :D). So I’ll be returning to the 60+ year old Pilates instructor’s class I usually attend on Tuesday evenings.

In more positive exercise news, I finally did an interval workout on the elliptical today AND my ankle soreness has greatly decreased!

Instead of my standard 45 sec hard/1:15 rest intervals, I attempted a variation of a Tabata sprints workout I found on Clare’s blog a while ago. Here’s my attempt to verbalize (not very succinctly, I’m afraid) what I did:

Time                     Resistance Level     Incline Level            RPM

Minutes 1-4         7-8 (mostly 8)                    5                      around 140

4:00-4:20           10-11 (mostly 10)             5                         160-170

4:20-4:30           10-11 (mostly 10)             5                       slow (>120)

4:30-4:50           10-11 (mostly 10)             5                         160-170

4:50-5:00           10-11 (mostly 10)             5                       slow (>120)

5:00-5:20           10-11 (mostly 10)             5                         160-170

5:20-5:30           10-11 (mostly 10)             5                       slow (>120)

5:30-5:50           10-11 (mostly 10)             5                         160-170

5:50-6:00           10-11 (mostly 10)             5                       slow (>120)

6:00-6:20           10-11 (mostly 10)             5                         160-170

6:20-6:30           10-11 (mostly 10)             5                       slow (>120)

6:30-6:50           10-11 (mostly 10)             5                         160-170

6:50-7:00           10-11 (mostly 10)             5                       slow (>120)

7:00-7:20           10-11 (mostly 10)             5                         160-170

7:20-7:30           10-11 (mostly 10)             5                       slow (>120)

7:30-7:50           10-11 (mostly 10)             5                         160-170

7:50-8:00          10-11 (mostly 10)             5                       slow (>120)

**Repeat that entire 8 minute sequence for the duration of your intended workout time.**

So basically, there’s a 4 minute cruising period where I hung out around resistance level 7-8. For the next 4 minute segment, I alternated 20 second bursts of hard with 10 second intervals of rest. Whether I was pedaling forward or backward determined how fast my RPM’s were, but regardless, I tried to push myself (I pedal stronger when going forward, hence the resistance level of mostly 11 and RPM’s closer to 170). And my “rest” intervals were really me just letting my legs go as slowly as they liked. Ideally you’re supposed to stop completely and let your legs rest that way, but on an elliptical, it takes a lot of work to stop the pedals suddenly, so not functional…

It was a little experimental since it was my first time trying this out on the YCMA ellipticals and a tad awkward (because Tabata sprints are geared more so toward a treadmill and not really an elliptical) but it felt like a pretty good workout. My total workout time was 65 minutes (including 5 minute cool-down).

And my second piece of positive exercise news: my ankle doesn’t ache (as badly)! I haven’t been mentioning it much because since I bruised my tailbone, I feel like all I’ve done is complain about one ache or another (and I’ve secretly been hoping if I just ignore it, maybe it’ll just disappear…) However, there’s no denying that all day every day for the past week or more my ankle/heel area has just been sore (feels like a bruise). Until yesterday! I don’t know what changed – Monday it ached like normal and Tuesday it didn’t (as badly)! I iced it last week but eventually quit from laziness and lack of progress after a few days, and I’ve obviously been avoiding running. So aside from the occasional warm-up ankle-roll before stumbling outta bed for a middle-of-the-night-pee or onto my rickety bones in the morning, nothing has changed… Whatever, I’ll take it!

I hope you all are having a lovely Hump Day!


– Anyone else attend an unexpected exceptionally crappy (or great!) exercise class recently?

– What did you “wash down your Wednesday” with?

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7 Responses to Did’s and Didn’t’s

  1. Monica says:

    I enjoyed an inexpensive cabernet 🙂

  2. I’ve always wanted to try spaghetti squash! I’ll give it a whirl one of these days! Glad to hear your ankle is better but sorry to hear about your crappy pilates class! Not sure what’s up with the Les Mis…..I’m not a fan either! 🙂

    • erinksage says:

      Spaghetti squash is super easy to make, I definitely recommend it…

      In general, I’m not a fan of musicals or their soundtracks, so this lady was just barking up the wrong tree with that one…

  3. Brittany says:

    I haven’t had and lame classes lately, but I have for sure been to some. The worst for me is this one guy that occasionally subs for one of the spin classes I go to and he is awful…AWFUL! All he likes to do is sprint and his music is quiet, and he talks quiet so I have no mojo..I hate it. OH and his music is like 90’s butt rock…EW!

    • erinksage says:

      Aww, that’s not spinning music at all! I’m pretty flexible with music selection for yoga/pilates classes (except for a Les Mis soundtrack), but you definitely need something dancey and with pep for any sort of cardio workout!

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