Driving Miss Daisy… To Cincinnati and Back

Happy Day-After-Easter! [I know it’s also April Fool’s Day, but I’ve never been a prankster nor been a fan of being pranked, so I’ll just whisk on by that one…] I hope you all had a lovely weekend and holiday if you celebrate Easter 🙂

In spite of 16+ hours driving in the car this weekend, Boyfriend and I had a lovely time and got to see lots of family and friends in Cincinnati.

We were on the road by 8am Friday morning. Of course, no road trip is complete without fast food stops along the way!


{An egg mcmuffin to get myself primed and ready for extended periods of lard-butt-ness 😀 This was only my 2nd time having one of these – and oh man, it was a heavenly experience :D}

About 4 hours later, Boyfriend needed a break from driving (I guess the one hour of driving I pitched it wasn’t rest enough for him – sheesh!), so we stopped at… McDonald’s… again! Ain’t no shame.

photo (4)

{I got a side salad with my filet-o-fish, thank you very much!}

 The rest of our Friday involved unpacking the car-load of stuff we brought back from Harrisburg to store in Cincy and visiting with my Dad and his side of the family. Dad got a new iPhone (this is a HUGE deal seeing as how I literally could never get the man to make eye contact with a computer monitor, let alone touch a keyboard), so we spent a good portion of the evening hooking him up with fancy apps and showing him the ropes – I even set him up with a link directly to my blog for his viewing pleasure – shout out to Poppa Wigs!

Saturday morning was impressively productive for me in spite of waking up to a bit of a hungover belly/head (a few beers with dear ol’ Dad and a late night slab of homemade carrot cake will do that, I suppose…) I got out for a lovely walk around the neighborhood, though, and even jogged for about 25 minutes! I was so stinkin’ proud of myself – I keep reading how much more difficult it is to run outside vs. on a treadmill, so I’ve been intimidated to take my jogging endeavors outdoors. Lo and behold, I can take it to the pavement!! This certainly turned my morning around for me, and I was in a pretty peppy mood for the rest of the day 🙂 After a quick shower, Boyfriend and I left to enjoy a lovely brunch with my mom and brother.

IMG_0407She even pulled out the fancy serving dishes for us 🙂



{My bro, Alec, was kind enough to pose for me with his meal :D}

Once we finished eating, Boyfriend convinced us all to play a round of croquet in the backyard since it was so nice outside. (Yes, B fairly regularly carries a croquet set in the back of our car just in case an opportunity arises to play somewhere…)


{Mom starting us off…}


photo (5)

{Oh yes, I hammed it up too :D}


{Being the expert of the group, Boyfriend didn’t hesitate to show off his superior skills with a mallet…}


{Fortunately, my partner was more than capable of holding his own…}


{We are pretty people 😀 And quite the croquet team!}

photo (6)

{In spite of losing my teammate – he had car shopping or something to do pshh! – I we won!!}


{Oh yeah, Mom and Boyfriend didn’t do too shabby either – they just didn’t win :P}

Shortly after I whooped everyone’s butt in croquet we wrapped up our afternoon lawn games, Mom and I decided to do a little bit of shopping and maybe grab a beer. That turned into about 20 minutes of browsing in JCPenney before promptly losing interest and bee-lining to Flip Daddy’s for girl chat and beers 😀


{Mom got a cute kilt/skirt beer coozie souvenir thing with her Killian’s stout beer}

Saturday evening we met friends for dinner, drinking, basketball-watching (during which I may have been painting my nails…)


and good times. And Sunday was a quick visit with Boyfriend’s parents before getting on the road by 10:30am for our drive back to Harrisburg. I should give a big, public thank you to my husband because he drove the entire 8 hours yesterday (and 7 of the 8 hours on Friday) while I napped and did absolutely nothing helpful. I also was in bed by 730pm last night… I’m like the Energizer Bunny over here, I know…

As for today, well, I haven’t had that much pep in my step in spite of my 16 + hours of sleep I accumulated over yesterday afternoon/night.


I was so inspired by Saturday morning’s jog that I tossed around the idea of running outside today too. That inspiration, however, was short-lived and lost out to a run-of-the-mill elliptical workout. I have to say it was a good thing too because I wasn’t exactly a powerhouse on the elliptical this morning. I kinda just moved around for an hour and then called it a day. I even skipped my squats and lunges I’d originally hoped to crank out. Instead I opted for a long, hot shower, doing laundry, and food…


I was really feeling some avocado so I went with a sandwich consisting of leftover turkey, avocado, and lots of veggies with hummus.


I nibbled on more veggies and then moved onto dessert 😀


{Dannon Light n Fit vanilla Greek yogurt & a homemade brownie from my mom’s Easter basket she gave me 😀 Annnd I ate 2 of those brownies…}

And that’s a wrap for me this Monday!


– What’s a road trip food favorite for you?

– Are you good at sharing the burden of driving when taking a road trip?

– Anyone else enjoy playing croquet?

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7 Responses to Driving Miss Daisy… To Cincinnati and Back

  1. Croquet is so much fun! I played it for the first time in forever this past Summer and had a blast. I was, however, a little bit rusty, though!

    • erinksage says:

      I always whine a little when people want to play croquet, but once I get started, I really enjoy it! It’s a lot of fun, it just takes a while… and some patience 🙂

  2. Meredith says:

    Looks like you had a fun-filled weekend! Roadtrip favorites for me include Starbucks frappachinos, and mcFlurrys…can’t help it, it makes the drive seem so much better. I do love that dannon light-and-fit greek yogurt. They don’t have it in Australia and I really miss it!

    • erinksage says:

      Oh, I hate it when you can’t get one of your local goods! I actually just went to the grocery store today and couldn’t find the vanilla flavor, so I had improvise and choose a different kind of yogurt – disaster, I know 😛

      I used to LOVE McFlurries (oreo all the way!) I haven’t had one in ages, though.

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