Alphabetizin’ Tuesday…

The only “alphabetizing” going on in this post, honestly, is an “A, B, C” themed run-through of a few thoughts of mine (don’t worry, I will not go through the entire alphabet :P)

A is for Avocado:

I have been doing some serious rocking out to avocados, lately!

Not only do I genuinely love avocados on almost anything, but I also think I’ve been trying to channel my awesome Chipotle experience from last week by just topping everything with avocado. I have had an avocado-enhanced sandwich multiple times so far this week (and it’s only Tuesday).


{Yesterday’s lunch…}


{Last night’s dinner – I was running low on turkey meat because Boyfriend got greedy earlier in the day, so I tried to beef up my sandwich with some black beans.}


{And, today’s lunch as well – turkey bacon strips topped with avocado & onion & spring mix & salsa with lots of broccoli and hummus on the side. Black beans made an appearance again, and I had lots of pretzels and a string cheese after this plate-ful…}

And I even bought 2 more avocados from the grocery store today 😀 Actually, because I finally went to the grocery store today, there is hope that I won’t resort to yet another sandwich for my next meal today. I’m feeling some spaghetti squash with either chicken sausage or salmon…

B is for Backpack:

As in, I got a new backpack while in Cincy over the weekend for our upcoming travels through Europe and such!

IMG_0444 IMG_0446

I’ll be honest, I know diddly-squat about backpacks of the day-hiking variety, and I wasn’t all that into shopping for this thing – especially because we aren’t going to be “day-hiking” per se, nor are we camping (so I wasn’t interested in all the bells and whistles – just whether it could carry enough.) We simply each need a large enough piece of luggage to pack enough clothes to hold us over for 19+ weeks while traveling abroad.

{Here’s a picture of me with the backpack I took with us on our honeymoon through Europe for 2 weeks. I carried an L.L. Bean backpack and Boyfriend had a daypack like the one we just bought…}

So, here’s a the general low-down on our upcoming travels… Boyfriend has been approved by his company for a 6 month leave of absence, which is awesome because he not only gets a very much deserved break from work to fulfill his dream to travel for an extended period of time (and I get to tag along!), but we will still have health insurance and he will still have a job to return to once we finish our gallivanting  Our travels are not even close to being fully planned out. We have a loose plan of how we’d like to spend the next several months, and we hope to keep ourselves booked about 4 weeks out at a time with flights/hotel rooms/etc. As of right now, we booked a flight out of Cincinnati to Rome on April 22 (so SOON!) and we have 3 places reserved in Italy. We’ll be traveling from Rome to the Cinque Terre region to Florence and then flying out of Pisa to Paris where we’ll meet up with Boyfriend’s parents for a long weekend.

I definitely hope and plan to continue blogging while we are traveling, but honestly, right now this is as much as I can verbalize of our trip details because it’s all we have mapped out so far! This has truly been such a long time coming – we’ve been talking about this for over a year and Boyfriend has been jockeying for this leave of absence from his company for at least 6 months. And now everything’s rushing forward! Scary but exciting 🙂 

I’ll of course update you all with details and plans along the way as we settle them, but for the time being I wanted to at least be able to officially inform all of you – we are headin’ out 😀

{Bring on the castles…

… the sights….

… and the hefeweizen! (These are all pictures from our honeymoon, by the way, which is the only experience I have to really base my expectations on…)}

C is for Connor:

As some of you know, I refer to my husband as “Boyfriend” in real life and in my blog. I have been debating for a while whether to keep referring to him as “Boyfriend”/”B” or to use his actual name in the blog. As it turns out, it’s just kind of confusing for readers because he is in fact my husband. Not to mention, he couldn’t care less if I use his actual name so there’s no need for identity protection or anything. So, it is with great pleasure that I introduce all of you fine people to my wonderful husband, Connor 🙂

{So dapper :D}

As promised, that concludes my ABC session of today’s post 🙂


– What’s a current food love of yours?

– Has anyone taken a leave of absence from work to travel or just experienced an extended period of travel at some point in their life? If so, where to and how long?

– If you blog & are in a relationship, does your significant other mind being named/mentioned in your blog?

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8 Responses to Alphabetizin’ Tuesday…

  1. Mary says:

    1) My food love of the moment is sweet potatoes having only recently tried them for the first time.

    2) My boyfriend and I have never taken a leave of absence from work but having just finished watching Long Way Down/Long Way Round we have itchy travelling feet and are desperate to make plans! Your trip sounds very exciting even without the lack of details at the moment!

    3) And to my knowledge Dan doesn’t mind me blogging about him!

    • erinksage says:

      Oh, I love sweet potatoes! However, I don’t make them as often as I like because I tend to forget about them as being such a tasty snack…

      And thank you! We are very excited about the trip 🙂

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  3. I love those pictures of your travels! Beautiful! My husband doesn’t mind being mentioned, but it’s like pulling teeth to get a picture!!!

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