Thankful Thursday v. 2.0

Happy Thursday, All!

Remember my first “Thankful Thursday” post from goodness-knows-how-long-ago? Ok, well actually I do know how long ago – it’s been almost a month… So, I figure we’re due for another 🙂

1) This is a bit of backwards logic, but bear with me: I’m thankful for how disenchanted I’ve become with tv recently. Basically, upon moving to Harrisburg a few months ago and finding myself presented with cable tv for the first time in many moons, I straight up gorged myself on cable tv show reruns and movies to the point of plain disinterest. I’ve reached a “cable coma,” if you will. Not unlike a food coma…

{Nothin’ but Sex and the City reruns in that Buddha Belly!}

Truth be told, even my beloved Live with Kelly and Michael on non-cable tv has left me heftily disappointed the last couple weeks :/ Michael Strahan, my man, why are you so tongue-tied and un-witty and painful to watch all of a sudden? I’m fairly certain he didn’t know who the hell Rita Wilson was today when she came on as their guest, and in general he has just had a lost, rambling aire to him when he speaks…

{I suppose pink feather boa tea parties with Regis would trip me up too}

Ah, well, hopefully he snaps out of it soon… Regardless, I shall soon find myself without steady tv diversion, so yay for tv disillusionment!

2) I’m grateful my volunteer yoga hours seem to have worked out so well. My students in the neighborhood have been wonderfully supportive (I have my final class scheduled for Monday evening!) and enthusiastic and encouraging, and I can’t thank them enough 🙂

3) I’m thankful for the dark chocolate bunny that was left in the Easter basket my mom gave Connor and me – it was quite the yummy snack after lunch! Unfortunately, I scarfed down my half before snapping a picture, so you get a generic visual:

{You better believe I chowed down on some bunny ears!}

And I hafta say – this was the best darn tasting piece (read: half of bunny) of dark chocolate! Thanks, Mom 🙂

4) It is sunny outside and the wind speed is under 10 mph today!!

5) I’m thankful to Connor for helping me load music onto my iPhone last night so I now have my yoga class playlists on there (rather than having to carry around my laptop to play music) and I have a playlist created for a possible run outside on Saturday that I’m pretty jazzed about 🙂

If you’re interested in my proposed running jams, here goes:

1. Banquet by Bloc Party

2. Intergalactic by Beastie Boys

3. Around the World by ATC

4. Get Me Bodied by Beyonce

5. Rockafeller Skank by Fatboy Slim

6. My Heart Beat Like A Drum by ATC

7. Sexy Back by JT

8. Temperature by Sean Paul

9. Bring It Back by Travis Porter

10. Hit The Floor by Twista

11. Scream and Shout by Will.I.AM & Britney

12. My Man My Moon by Feist

For the record, I do not intend to run this long – I just like to have lots of song options to flip through…

So there you have it – my list of “thankfuls” – A bit superficial today, but still making me feel good 🙂 Have a nice rest of your day!



– What are some of your favorite workout songs?

– What are you thankful for today?

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8 Responses to Thankful Thursday v. 2.0

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  2. You know, I have hardly watched Kelly and Michael since I started my blog! I’m either doing a post or checking in with others. I guess I’m not missing much!

  3. Meredith says:

    II love the idea of Thankful Thursday! I’m loving Phillip Phillips ‘Gone Gone Gone” and Justin Timberlake “Mirrors” right now for songs, and I’m thankful my parents are coming to visit!

  4. nancykl says:

    My theory about workout songs is that gym jams should be everything that I normally don’t listen to. And the more obnoxious the better. I’m talking Nicki Minaj, One Direction, Tyga, Steve Aoki and the like.

    • erinksage says:

      I agree with you as long as it doesn’t fall in the country genre – I can’t get into country and my workout will inevitably fail. However, you throw some randomly mixed music together, and I can usually rock out to it 🙂

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