Airbnb is da bomb diggity!

Last night we booked accommodations for two more places during our trip: Florence and Paris! I highly recommend checking out if you’re looking for non-hotel accommodations while traveling abroad. People rent out their entire apartment or house or just a room of their apartment/house and they list it on this website. Hostels are also listed on here. The prices are very affordable and there are pictures of the rooms/accommodations as well as very helpful reviews from previous visitors. Seriously, we’ve booked like 3 places consecutively through airbnb so far!

Ok, moving on – It’s Friday 🙂 I kinda treated last night a bit like a Friday



{5PM cocktail}


{Yuengling and stromboli for Stromboli Night at Midtown Tavern}

so today actually felt like Saturday when I woke up, which really wasnt’ all that bad. If it feels like Saturday, that means it’ll feel like I’m getting an extra day to my weekend 🙂


I snapped myself out of the Saturday-zone relatively easily and managed a very productive workout this morning. In light of how sunny and relatively warm it was outside (compared to the last several days, I mean) I decided to move my run up to today (originally intended possibly for tomorrow morning). Since creating my running playlist, I’d been sort of itching to try out another outdoors run, and today seemed like a great day. How’d it go, you ask?

I did indeed run outside non-stop for about 23 minutes, so that’s a win. However, I wasn’t as pumped up by my music as I hoped I’d be, and honestly, the run wasn’t nearly as invigorating as last Saturday’s. Ah, well, not all workouts are gonna feel stellar, right? Regardless, I succeeded in running outside consecutively for a little over 20 minutes which makes me very happy. I then walked to the YMCA and did 40 minutes on the elliptical (alternating resistance levels throughout 5 minute intervals: 8 for 2 minutes; 10 for 1 minute; 11 for 1 minute; 12 for 1 minute, repeat). It was definitely a good solid cardio workout today. AND because I got out the door a little early this morning, I managed to catch Chelsea Handler as the guest on Live with Kelly and Michael. Even though I griped somewhat mercilessly about Michael Strahan yesterday, I was really excited I made it in time to see Chelsea on there today 🙂 It’s the little things in life, people.

I had considered going to the 11am yoga class afterwards but decided I was kinda burnt out on yoga after 3 days of it this week, so I instead came home and did a slightly modified version of Itz Linz’ 99 Workout:

3 sets of 25 (not 33 because I have no arm muscle endurance) push-ups (on my knees)

3 sets of 33 squats

3 sets of sit-ups/crunches (my first 2 sets were the crossfit style sit-up & my final set was crunches with my legs straight up in the air)

As a result, I was finished exercising, showered, dressed, and shoveling food into my cake-hole all before noon (yoga class wouldn’t have finished until 12:15pm – booyah!)



{Sorry, no picture of my actual food, but I got the You Pick Two with broccoli cheddar soup & the classic garden salad}

I was a happy camper.

Happy Friday to everyone!


– What is on  your agenda for the weekend? Connor and I just might do a day trip to D.C. to check out the Cherry Blossoms (if they’re in bloom) or maybe to a state park for a little hiking this weekend… And we have some more trip planning to do too 🙂

– Do you have any trip-planning websites you really like? I am all over that airbnb right now, but I also rely on tripadvisor a lot for reviews of places.

– What’s your favorite Panera order? I’d been dreaming about that broccoli soup for a couple days now…

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6 Responses to Airbnb is da bomb diggity!

  1. Brittany says:

    I am so jealous of your upcoming trip!! I will have to remember that website whenever I travel far far away! Have a great weekend!

  2. Courtney’s dream is to go to Paris someday! 🙂 I’ve never been either! Maybe a mother/daughter vacation someday??? Courtney and I also love Panera. We went just this past week when my parents were here. I always get a Greek salad with the whole grain baguette and C gets a Caesar salad with a regular baguette.

    • erinksage says:

      Paris would be a lovely mother/daughter trip! My mom loves Ireland and has been a few times, and I can tell she’s dying to go back – I think that’d be a good mother/daughter trip for us 🙂

  3. Meredith says:

    I have never heard of that website before, I’ll be checking it out for sure! We are just getting prepared for my parent’s arrival this weekend. Cleaning, laundry, all that exciting stuff. J/k! I miss panera so much. I’m a big fan of the mediteranean veggie sandwich on foccaccia bread and the chicken noodle soup!

    • erinksage says:

      Panera has SO MANY good sandwiches! I sometimes think I get overwhelmed with the sandwich choices which is why I opt for soup and salad. If I want something heftier, though, I’ll go for a sandwich and soup sometimes.

      Chores are so much better (read: easier to get through) when they’re in preparation for something you’re pumped about 😀 Have fun!

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