Wegman’s Renege & Friday Catch-Up!

HOLY COW! I’m 100% thrilled today’s Friday, but man, did the last day and a half totally get away from me! I was all prepared to write my post after my car appointment at Toyota yesterday afternoon, which was supposed to take about an hour. An hour… An hour and a half… TWO HOURS (a.k.a. 3 magazines, a 3 page diary entry, and many, many Words With Friends words played) later, I was finally getting outta there. I bee-lined home, settled in with my laptop, and attempted to crank out my Thursday post – only to be halted by the painfully slow progress of my computer. After about 10 minutes of trying and failing to coax my laptop into functioning at even a snail’s pace, I decided this was a battle best fought another day.



And I helped myself to an afternoon cocktail 🙂 Which brings me to my post’s title – “Wegmans Renege…”


I’m reneging on my previous opinion of Wegmans, that is…

Wednesday afternoon while doing a bit of whirlwind shopping (in an attempt to get a few needed items for our upcoming travels), I found myself at Wegmans again. This time, however, I was led there by Connor’s promise that they sold beer (a grocery store selling beer in Pennsylvania is unheard of, let alone in 6-pack quantities vs. only 24 packs…)

{I was so flustered with joy that I didn’t think to take a picture, so this is a generic picture of the Wegmans beer selection I found online…}


{When I finally came-to, I did manage to snap a picture of my purchase, albeit a fuzzy one…}

So, that was a definite turning point for Wegmans in my book… The next came when I found a random travel-sized container I’ve been scouring all the other grocery stores for unsuccessfully.


Two very small things, indeed, but there were definite selling points for me. In conclusion, friends, I rescind my previous nay-sayings toward Wegmans 🙂

Ok, moving on… We have some catching up to do! Let’s begin with workout recaps:

Wednesday – 65 minutes on the elliptical alternating between resistance levels 8, 10, & 11. Pretty straight forward, but it turned out to be a really good workout – at least, it felt tough to me at the time (I was definitely sucking air and sweating like a fool)… That was it for the day exercise-wise. Well, unless you count shopping, which I totally do because I definitely work up a sweat and my heart rate while battling traffic in the suburbs, trying to discern the best deals, and trying crap on… Here are some of my purchases, though –


{I bought the brown pair on the right – I needed a replacement pair of walking flats for our trip}


{A black dry-fit sleeveless top for exercising while abroad… orrrrr just hiding my impressive perspiring capabilities while merely ambling around at a leisurely pace…}


{My bras are in poor shape these days, so I figured I should replace a couple before venturing over the pond – good underwear is crucial while traveling! These bras have “back smoothers” too 😉 And just standard cotton Jockey underwear – I’m not terribly exciting in this department… but I figured they’d be a practical traveling undergarment.}

Thursday – I woke up feeling very rested, so I wanted to give running on the treadmill another try. Once again, it was no easy feat, but I managed 25 minutes running at 1.0% incline around 6.1-6.3 mph before I called it quits and hopped on the elliptical for 35 minutes. About an hour later, I went to a yoga class that ended up feeling really great!

Today – I hadn’t done any interval cardio workouts this week, so I decided to try for one today when I got on the elliptical. I managed a Tabata sprints elliptical workout, and left feeling good about myself. Then, because I enjoyed it so much yesterday, I went to another yoga class. Done and Done!

Ok, onto Lunches:

Wednesday – Connor came home and suggested we go out for lunch.


{Annnnnd, I didn’t argue.}

Thursday – In light of a little “Operation Clean out the Fridge” I’ve recently implemented around here in preparation for our move on Monday, I’ve been throwing together leftovers whenever I can…


{Spaghetti squash, spring mix, broccoli, tomato basil pasta sauce, & parmesan cheese. I believe I ate a package of peanut butter crackers too}

Today – Today was much the same…


{Chicken sausage, spring mix, onion, salsa, & parmesan cheese with a side of toast smeared with the last of my avocado}

Intuitive Eating Note:

Keeping in line with my recent intuitive eating endeavors, I’ve really been trying to be mindful of what my body actually wants when it comes to my meals. I’m definitely trying to encourage Connor and me to eat as much of the leftover food we have in the house as we can before we move (because throwing food away bothers me like no other!) However, I also know that forcing myself to eat something my body doesn’t really want will likely result in my diving face first into a whole cake a food fiasco somewhere down the road. So, within reason, I’m incorporating leftovers into our meals however I can, but I’m also allowing myself to opt for what I’m actually craving. For instance, tonight I will most likely find myself at Midtown Tavern enjoying a tasty cheeseburger and fries (and a side of Ranch, holla!) 🙂

Well, it certainly took me long enough, but there you have it, friends 🙂 In all likelihood  my posts over the next week or so may be a little sporadic seeing as how we’ll be driving all day Monday moving back to Cincinnati and then generally preparing for our trip next week. I’ll certainly do my best, though! Just bear with me…

Thank you for reading today and I hope you have an excellent Friday and an even better weekend!


– What are your weekend plans? I’m hoping to get a hike in tomorrow since we’re supposed to have some sun in the forecast and probably Sunday we’ll do some packing.

– Does it bother you to throw out food? Fortunately, I’m pretty good about not buying too many groceries, so it isn’t usually an issue where food goes bad or we have to leave it behind. However, it’s really difficult for me to see food go to waste…

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4 Responses to Wegman’s Renege & Friday Catch-Up!

  1. Meredith says:

    Grocery stores with alcohol are the best! They have them in Maine, but not Massachusetts, and not Australia! I’m in Sydney on a weekend trip with my family 🙂 you must be so excited to be leaving soon!

    • erinksage says:

      SO excited and overwhelmed right now, actually – with all the unpacking and packing and organizing and trying to see everyone to say goodbye…

      I hope your trip with your family was awesome!

  2. I cringe every time I throw food out! It’s just such a waste of money. Recently, I threw out a whole package of grape tomatoes that we just never got around to eating. 😦 I don’t think food waste is something we can ever totally eliminate, but I know we can pay a bit more attention to keep it to a minimum.

    • erinksage says:

      I think as long as you’re aware of it when meal-planning and grocery shopping, you’ll definitely cut down on the likelihood of it happening. Also, trying to incorporate past-prime food into inventive recipes/dishes is a good idea – but not always easy :/

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