A Healthy Dose of Hysterics…

What trip out of the country is complete without it, right?

Before we get into all that, let’s begin by recapping the last couple days:




I’m all kinds of messed up on my days, but I believe this was Tuesday night. We made our way into downtown Rome (read: Connor figured out where we needed to walk from our apartment, which tram we needed to catch, and where a good spot would be for us to check out for the evening… I love him :D), walked around a bit, and grabbed a beer at what turned out to be a very popular bar for American tourists/students/expats. That was all well and good (I was really happy to get a hefeweizen draft :D) except for the group of study abroad students nearby. At first we wanted to strike up a conversation with them (easy English convo would’ve been welcome since we were brain-dead from travelling and figuring out our apartment and our way into downtown). However, it became quite apparent how spoiled and disinterested they were in actually experiencing the Italian/Roman culture. They were more into their fish bowl and gossiping about their first impressions of all the other study abroad girls in their program. (For those of you who don’t know what a fishbowl is – it’s an hideously sweet alcoholic drink poured into a large fishbowl to be shared by obnoxious pre-21-year-old girls)

{or Kim Kardashian – you get the idea.}

Wow, sorry about that tangent there! Anyway, we downed our beers, hustled outta there, and found our way to the incredibly delicious meal shown above 😀

Yesterday (which was Thursday for me), Connor woke up feeling super well rested and was rarin’ to go – I wasn’t quite on the same page. However, I didn’t balk when he suggested we go check out the Ostia Antica ruins. Lots of confusing tram-to-train-to-train connections, and an hour waiting in line later, we made it here:

IMG_0640 IMG_0632 IMG_0631 IMG_0626 IMG_0625 IMG_0620 IMG_0618

It was basically a huge harbor town just outside of Rome and the first city the Romans set out and conquered. Connor was really into it, so I’m glad we went. I found it fairly interesting, but after the first hour or so, all the ruins started to look kinda the same to me. Or, maybe I was just tired… Regardless, 3 hours later, I looked like this:


{“I need a nap or a glass of wine, pronto!”}

Needless to say, it was a long day, especially when you include all the travel involved to get there and back. However, I’m glad we went because 1) Connor really wanted to check it out, and 2) Neither Connor nor I are all that interested in waiting in the awful lines for the Colosseum ruins in downtown Rome, so we were able to get our fill this way 🙂

After another early dinner consisting of my new daily diet,


{Except we had bottles of beer in place of the wine…}

we took in some of the Roman sights as we slowly made our way back to the tram to take us home.


It was a LONG hike back, and I wasn’t nearly as happy as I tried to look in these pictures 😛

When we got home, we enjoyed a glass of wine and realized we were crashing fast, so we decided to try and get ourselves out and about again in an attempt to see 10pm roll around. Connor found a wine bar nearby, so we went and tried their house white wine (quite good), a cheesy potato appetizer, and played a round of Cribbage.


{A glass-o’-vino surely will perk me up :D}


{We truly weren’t hungry, but we felt bad not ordering anything after the waiter went through his whole spiel with us – fortunately, it was very small, but delicious}

And that was the end of last night. As for today, I actually woke up feeling quite rested (I’m fairly certain I’m just a day behind Connor in this whole jet-lag deal). So rested, in fact, I decided I wanted to go for a jog outside. After much coaxing, I convinced Connor to come with me 😀 It was a great little jog – I was glad to have Connor there because he pushed me and he’s much better at navigating our way around and back home. So post-run and after a bit of yoga and a shower, I was feeling pretty darn good about myself – walking 20 bagillion miles yesterday, running this morning, AND doing yoga!

Then, mid-happy dance, Connor suggested I walk to the grocery store nearby to get us some food to make some lunch. Sure, why not, I’m awesome!

Except apparently not.

Yeah, so I was walkin’ along, repeating the directions to the grocery store in my head over and over doin’ my thang when I realized said grocery store wasn’t where it was supposed to be. I’m bad at navigating, but I’m darn good at memorizing, so I know I was looking in the right spot (I committed that dot on the map to memory like a baller!). Still, we’re in Italy, and googlemaps isn’t perfect, so I figured I’d walk around the block and see if maybe Google just mis-labeled it… No – it plain didn’t exist. Ok, fine, I continued on to see what else I might find. Aha! A different little grocery store was around the next corner! So I walked in and began checking out their selection… Basically, all was going well until I realized they didn’t accept credit cards and I didn’t  have enough cash, which meant I had to explain myself, apologize, give back the food I’d selected and walk out. I tried again and struck out at a smaller food-stand type market. And then I tried again. At this point, I was all kinds of flustered because no where had all the items I needed, I didn’t have enough cash on me and I was just in a world of embarrassment (from my first strike-out). Finally, I decided to just come back home before I got lost. Then I battled the damn locks on the 3 doors to get into the apartment for 5 minutes. I finally made it inside and Connor greeted me all smiley and asked how it went, and that’s when I lost it.

Fortunately, my husband loves me and emotionally put me back together rather than running for the hills. He talked me back up (I pretty much felt like a failure and an American moron), I dried my splotchy face and set back out to get some damn groceries because I was hungry!


After finally getting it together (thanks to Connor!), we ended up with this nice lil’ spread 🙂 We got some wine too, but that’ll be enjoyed later…

Well, this was certainly a lengthy post in light of how I didn’t anticipate writing again until next week! Thanks for hangin in there 🙂


– Do you have any meltdown stories from previous travels?

– What kind of sights/tourist attractions do you most enjoy? I’m partial to museums but generally I like to avoid actual tourist sites and just walk around urban areas and neighborhoods…


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5 Responses to A Healthy Dose of Hysterics…

  1. Wow! Rome looks just beautiful!!! I’m sorry you had a hard time at the grocery store. Glad Conner was there to pick you back up!
    I actually have a thing for aquariums! I could visit the same one over and over. The last one we went to was the Georgia Aquarium. Ok, now I really want to go to an aquarium!

  2. grandma says:

    YOu will master the direction after you are half way through. Connor will guide you thankgoodness.
    Love you

  3. Meredith says:

    Looks like you’re having quite a fun adventure! I am no good with directions at all, I rely on my boyfriend for that hehehe! Have a blast. I love the pictures!

    • erinksage says:

      Yep, that’s me too – I really try to pay attention to directions and where we’re headed, but it just plain goes in one ear and out the other sometimes 😛

      And, thank you!

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