Final Hike in Cinque Terre & Arriving in Florence

A few more pictures for you to enjoy – of our final day in Cinque Terre and our arrival in Florence, Italy:


{Starting our Tuesday morning off with some pre-hike fuel: homemade raisin biscuit/cake things we bought at the local co-op}


{View of Vernazza from the first part of our ascent}


{Smooth sailing up the first part of the hike – nice, evenly laid rock paths…}


{Definitely giving a false sense of comfort with regards to the rest of the hike…}


{Posing outside a church after the first part of the ascent up the mountain}


{The terrain’s changing a bit and we’re confronted with some heavily-wooded detours}


{Admiring how far up we are – no clue how much further we had…}

IMG_0734 IMG_0737

{Then came the streams and waterfalls we had to finagle}


{Connor was kind enough to catch me in an oh-so-flattering light as I did my best to scramble up the mountain…}


{We did finally reach the very top – yay! – but that meant about 1 hour of solid downhill hiking. Not nearly as easy as you’d think – my toes were jammed and my legs were quivering when we finally reached the bottom, in Monterosso}


{We rewarded ourselves with a liter of local white wine and an anchovie pizza 😀 I’d never tasted anchovies before – I actually didn’t mind them!}


{Capturing my battle wounds with the mountain}


{Later we trained back to Manarola and decided to trek around there and enjoy some wine, bread and cheese for the rest of the evening… First we stopped at a playground where Connor couldn’t resist…}


{Posing over some bluffs with our bottle of vino :D}IMG_0760

{Our spot at the end of the pier-type thing where we drank our wine and watched the sun set}


{Walking to our train platform to eventually head to Florence}


{This is prior to my losing Connor :P}

IMG_0776 IMG_0778

{After a LONG day of travel and FINALLY finding our apartment in Florence, we went to an awesome restaurant for dinner! I had an incredible mixed salad – my first solid helping of veggies since we’ve been here :/ – followed by a mushroom pasta in light white sauce… and several pieces of bread :D}


{Connor had a delicious pasta rustica and then he braved the cow stomach dish that is supposedly a Tuscan specialty – I wasn’t nearly as bold as he was…}

Welp, I’m off to finally get dressed and presentable and go find Connor. He set out for a walk about an hour ago, and I’m supposed to meet up with him for a day of exploring around Florence today 😀

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