How to Lose Your Husband Via Train in Italy…

Step 1: Spot your train at the platform where it’s supposed to arrive and happily board 20 minutes early (even though this it’s been pretty much un-heard of for any of your trains to arrive that early).


Step 2: Excitedly spot and grab 4 empty seats.

train 2


Step 3: As you nestle into your excellent find, express your desire for more perfection.

train 3


Step 4: Express no concern over the fact that your husband must de-board the train to seek out a water fountain (because you boarded said train 20 minutes early, duh).

Step 5: Realize with increasing panic that the train doors are closing and the train is now moving. Without your husband.

train 4


Morale of the story: A little dehydration is worth it to not lose your travel partner and significant other while traveling abroad.



– Have you ever been separated from your group/travel partner while abroad? Or gotten lost on your own? Fortunately, we boarded the wrong train to begin with (hence why it seemed like it was 20 min. early), so I ended up being able to get off at the next stop and board the next train going back to where Connor was still waiting. All ended fine – I had a phone I could call him with, and we were able to take the next train an hour later to our correct destination. But I was definitely in all-out FREAK OUT mode there fore a few minutes until I was able to contact Connor…

– When traveling, do you get antsy about boarding the train/bus first so you get a good seat? When traveling by plane, I’m always nervous I won’t get a good spot to put my bag or that Connor and I won’t be able to sit together (if we’re flying together, that is). When traveling by bus, I’ve realized that I get quite antsy to board first so that we don’t end up having to stand for a potentially 45+ minute commute with our huge backpacks…

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