Rain, Rain, Go Away!

After failing twice to go running outside this morning because of the rain here in Paris (not that weather.com or wunderground.com is acknowledging said rain – they both claim it is sunny and 60 outside… Um, no, it’s been raining for hours now!), I’ve decided to just gracefully admit defeat and take off my running shoes, eat some Brie, and write a post πŸ™‚

So after our two hike-filled nights in Cinque Terre (here and here), we made it to Florence and spent one solid day checking it out. I, unfortunately, was just a bit worn out by the time we got around to touring around Florence, so I didn’t make the most of it like I wish I had. It is a small city but really quite interesting with lots of art-y attractions to see and experience. I wouldn’t mind coming back some day πŸ™‚

(Connor set out a but earlier than me and went inside a church and checked out the beautiful gardens)

(I met up with him a couple hours later in one of the crowded piazzas)

On our way out of Florence Friday, we stopped by Pisa to check out the leaning tower before catching our flight to Paris (it departed from the Pisa airport)


(it was interesting enough to see in person, but Pisa itself is pretty small so I was glad we only made an afternoon of visiting and didn’t spend a night there…)

Later that night we finally got to our Paris apartment!! It was late and we were exhausted so we just got some wine, bread, and cheese and unpacked and crashed.

(this apt. is tiny, but it definitely makes excellent use of every nook and cranny – there’s a washer/dryer, stove, sink, kitchen table, futon, and all the other essentials)


(teeny bathroom!)

So far I only have a few pictures from our Paris exploring… I hope to be more on top of it as this week progresses and we get out more…


(Connor, his mom, and me as we were walking around yesterday afternoon :))

The rain seems to be slowing, so hopefully we will make it out to so some more exploring today…

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