Still French-in’ It Up…

Whew! I have to admit, the past couple days have really taken a bit of a toll on both Connor and me! Fortunately, we arrived yesterday at this little haven in middle-of-nowhere, France 🙂


Recap of what’s been going on lately:
We ate, drank, and toured ourselves silly in Paris and finally left Friday morning via rental car.

Lots of cheese, bread, and my new favorite beer : Leffe!

Lots of cheese, bread, and my new favorite beer : Leffe!


Atop skyscraper in Montparnasse giving a view of all of Paris (Eiffel tower in the bkgrd!)

Atop skyscraper in Montparnasse giving a view of all of Paris (Eiffel tower in the bkgrd!)


Posing in Luxembourg Gardens


Lots of interesting statues and gorgeous flowers 🙂


Right before we were yelled at for standing on the lawn – apparently that’s frowned upon in Luxembourg Gardens… I guess that’s how they keep the lawns so nice 😛

Outside the Louvre

Outside the Louvre

Inside the Louvre

Inside the Louvre

Our post booze-walk meal: paella-style pizza!

Our post booze-walk meal: paella-style pizza!

Our rental car - purple Fiat Panda :D

Our rental car – purple Fiat Panda 😀

Sadly, my mom was supposed to have arrived in Paris Friday morning and joined us on our road trip but her flight was overbooked and it isn’t looking like she’s going to make it 😦 We’re still hopeful and keeping tabs on flights to see if maybe she can make it out in the next day or two… Anyway, that’s been a source of anxiety and disappointment. 

I want my mommy!

Then there’s been the actual commencement of road-tripping. Let it be known – navigating in/around/out of Paris via car sucks! There may have been tears shed, shouting, ugly words, etc. before we successfully managed to get the hell outta there… A few hours later we decided to stop and visit a chateau:


Chateau du Blois

Not my picture – but we did see/climb this staircase



Looking at the chateau museum staff guy as he yells at me in French… but still a good view of the Gaston wing behind me…



It was a nice stopover on our way to Amboise where we naively thought we could just putz on into town and snag ourselves a little hotel room.

Apparently, everyone and their brother had been reading the same Rick Steve’s book on France or something. I was shot down by about 5 hotels and even basically hung up on by the tourist information hotline when I called inquring for room suggestions!

So we drove another hour or so and ended up in a generic Best Western-esque hotel in suburban Tours, France. It was late, we were tired, hungry and cranky. Fortunately, we had wine and cheese and bread to set us straight. It was a low key night because we were beat, but we did succeed in booking a remote cabin in the French countryside. We decided we needed a break from people and some solid R&R with books, booze, and sleep 🙂 So we got up yesterday and excitedly headed out to our countryside cabin 😀 We checked out a Chateau along the way too…

It's inside an actual medieval city!

It’s inside an actual medieval city! And people actually live inside the city! Those are garages…

IMG_0834IMG_0838IMG_0836Next stop was La Coterie Lodges – run by a lovely British woman who has lived in France for the last 10+ years. We’re her first guests of the year, but she was hospitable enough to take us on such short notice. We were so relieved and grateful. So, since arriving late yesterday afternoon, we’ve unpacked, stocked up on food, wine, beer, and SLEPT 🙂 I cooked dinner last night: fish and some veggies with cheese and bread on the side (of course)

Then we pretty much went to bed – Connor actually clocked about 12 hours last night – unheard of, for him! As for me, I’m feeling a bit more like myself. Sleep has helped as well as knowing we’re not in any hurry to do anything or go anywhere. I’ve even cranked out two 30 minute jogs yesterday and today – those did wonders for me, let me tell ya. I feel much less like this:

Turns out excessive wine, bread & cheese will do this to you – how ’bout that…


– Do you enjoy road trips or do you prefer to just stay put in one place and tour around there when on vacation? I was definitely ready for a change of scenery and to get out of Paris, but I’m not a fan of sitting in a car for hours on end – I feel sluggish and bloated and my eating habits go to crap. I think Connor and I are definitely gonna scale back our initial driving plans which means we won’t make it to as many places, but we’re both A-ok with that…


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1 Response to Still French-in’ It Up…

  1. alice ann says:

    Home now my visit was wonderful. GG is in top form.
    Love you

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