Back to the Grind…

Welp, we are now in Mostar (Bosnia & Herzegovina) after a sweltering day in Split (with our ginormous backpacks in tow – that certainly didn’t help matters but it couldn’t be avoided as we were killing a few hours til our bus departed…) and a 4.5 hour beastly roller coaster bus ride along the Croatian coast. It wasn’t a walk through the park but we were greeted at the bus station by Teo, our Mostar airbnb host for the next couple days, and had a nice end to the day with some welcome-to-Mostar-shots of homemade liquor (that’s how they do things around here apparently… Too bad I’m a grandma and pretty much immediately went to bed right after :/) Anyway, we are hoping for a solid day of hiking and exploring around the town of Mostar tomorrow before heading to Sarajevo on Monday morning.

In the meantime, I figured I’d catch everyone up on what Connor and I did the past week. Truthfully, it wasn’t much and can be summed up rather quickly. Nonetheless, I want to share 🙂

I exercised each morning (Go, me!)

Connor and I watched copious amounts of “Internet tv” (Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Netflix, etc.)

And this:





It was glorious and I couldn’t help feeling like I must be stupid to leave that place… Ah well, onward toward our next adventure 🙂

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