Who knew!

Turns out Amsterdam is the European ideal I’ve been seeking on this trip. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Paris and Madrid and Barcelona (don’t forget Sitges!), but Amsterdam has plain knocked my socks off! The weather has been lovely (progressively warmer and sunnier each day), the canals and parks make for awesome jogging/walking scenery, there are so many vastly different neighborhoods/areas to explore, the food and booze have been quite good, the people are interesting, friendly and super laid-back, and biking around the city is so much fun!

We actually still have a couple more days here, but I just wanted to touch base quickly and share a few pictures we have taken so far:

At the Van Gogh Museum… Wasn’t quite my cup of tea – they focused too much on stylistic/technical details and didn’t do enough displaying of his works – but still interesting to check out πŸ˜€





Enjoying an afternoon beer and snack canal-side

Wicked Witch of the West?? Nope, just Erin on the bike trail…





Ironically, I’d been pretty nervous about biking around Amsterdam for fear of crashing into a car, person, or another biker. Turns out just plain walking is what caused me to take a spill…

That knee scrape along with this bad boy (thanks to an aggressive plank workout…) makes me look like a hot mess :/

Our only picture from Haarlem…

After the market closed…

I will admit, we have a pretty pitiful showing of pictures so far for how much we love it here, but it’s simply because we have been too absorbed to remember to look for photo ops! We will try a little harder in the next couple days… We still have the Anne Frank House and more biking on the agenda πŸ™‚

In other random news:
– Connor has come down with a bit of a cold since we arrived in Amsterdam. He’s been a trooper, though, and still makes it out for all the traipsing around town πŸ˜€
– I’ve learned I’m apparently allergic to apples and any other juicy fruits (plums, peaches, etc.) I took a small bite of Connor’s apple the other night and my throat literally began to swell up! A slightly itchy throat had followed eating a plum in Morocco but I figured it had to do with eating produce in Africa or something. I thought for sure I’d be fine here! Admittedly my fruit intake has been drastically reduced since embarking upon this trip (I usually opt for veggies when buying produce hoping to get a greater vitamin benefit), but I’m just blown away to have seemingly developed a random allergy to something I frequently ate a mere 3 months ago! Weird…
– Connor and I may be returning to Cincinnati a couple weeks earlier than we had planned. My mom will be having surgery and she has asked if I could sub a few of her yoga classes while she’s recovering. The teaching opportunity would be great! Not to mention, I’d be able visit my brother before he leaves for school in North Carolina, visit my grandma while she’s in town helping out my mom, and of course get some QT in with my mom while she’s healing πŸ™‚ Connor and I both feel we will be about ready to return home by then, so it really should work out well…

Til next time!

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2 Responses to Who knew!

  1. Nancy says:

    Thank you for another delicious, reading treat this morning! We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

  2. Alice Ann says:

    A good place to end a journey of findings.

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