First Draft of “The Elliptical Chronicles Decoded”:

Me – Erin, 26 years old, big-time lover of exercise (cardio, especially)

A fluke I look this put-together - I'm not stylish ever. I was simply living out of a backpack in Europe for 2 wks on my honeymoon & black is always safe in my book.

A fluke I look this put-together – I’m not stylish ever. I was simply living out of a backpack in Europe for 2 wks on my honeymoon & black is always safe in my book.

Boyfriend – My husband and I married at the end of September 2011. Not sure how this happened, but our terms of endearment for each other took on more of a practical nature and became “Boyfriend” and “Girlfriend.” It’s weird, but I definitely prefer it to the likes of “honey,” “baby,” and “sweetie,” so it stuck. Therefore, throughout this blog, I refer to my husband as “Boyfriend” or “B.”

Boyfriend & me outside the Taj Mahal

Boyfriend & me outside the Taj Mahal

We like to pretend we're super cool...

We like to pretend we’re super cool…

Locale – We just moved to Harrisburg, PA in January 2013 because of B’s work. It’s meant to be a temporary move, so we should be here through about April, at which point we both plan to take off for about a year to travel throughout Europe and South America. It’s been a huge goal of ours for a long time, and the stars seem to be aligning, so we’re going to take the opportunity when it comes at the end of B’s current contracting project in Harrisburg around April of this year…

Back Story – I’m from the Cincinnati, OH area and that is where a good portion of both B’s and my family and friends remain. I graduated from Ohio State in 2008 (majored in Spanish and sociology, and NO I’m not a football fan and/or lover of THE BUCKEYES. If they win a game in whichever sport, great, if not, I feel just about the same as if they had won. Ain’t no thang.) and lived in Columbus, OH for a couple years after graduating. We moved to Northern KY (pretty much Cincinnati – just across the river) when we were planning our wedding

and lived there from about August 2010 until January 2013 when we moved to Harrisburg. I’ve been reading healthy living blogs for a long while and contemplating starting my own for about a year. It’s been a long work in progress, and I’ve undergone a career change (leaving my job in the admin field and recently pursuing yoga teacher training) as well as a few moves (living in Northern KY, living temporarily in various cities througout India for B’s job over the summer of 2012, and now living in Harrisburg, PA).

Wknd in Mumbai - walking back in the rain from the mosque on the sea

Wknd in Mumbai – walking back in the rain from the mosque on the sea

I’m now hoping to be able to keep this blog going as a way to share my experiences and endeavors (both exercise/nutrition-relatied and otherwise) and also as a way to connect with the healthy living blog community.

Thanks for visiting and hope you enjoy!


8 Responses to About

  1. Nicole C says:

    Sounds like you are living the kind of life I’d like to 🙂 I am a travel addict and could only hope to live in anothe country one day, or be able to take a lot of time off to do so. Happy adventures to you!

    • erinksage says:

      Thanks, Nicole! It’s definitely a work in progress, but progress nonetheless. I hope to keep everyone posted as we hopefully get things in order and actually get this trip off the ground!

  2. Hi Erin! Just clicked on your blog! I was reading this page and as a fellow fitness enthusiast/soon to be instructor to another, I wanted to comment! Also, I saw that you are becoming a yoga instructor…..that’s great! I have only done yoga once (A 90 minute PX 90 DVD) and I loved it! I am a Junior black belt in Japanese shotokan karate and I will be testing for my first degree black belt this fall, and I just started my training to teach karate classes! I was inspired by my daughter who is already a first degree black belt! I hope that you will come and visit me over at my new blog! 🙂

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  4. ann bradford says:

    I’m so happy that you blog. Love keeping up with you. Can’t wait to catch up when you are on the other side of the pond.

  5. Jodi says:

    Hi Erin, my name is Jodi. I’m the Founder and Chair of a not-for-profit organisation called The Lemon Tree Project. I am about to give a presentation about our project – its origins and direction in the future, at Melbourne University’s Re-Shapers Conference which is part of the Festival Of Ideas. In order to adequately explain, in part, where I got the idea for the project I have been looking for a photo of the orange lined streets of La Spezia. I noticed that you have a photo from your travels that would really give people a sense of what it was like for me standing there on the streets of La Spezia, suddenly realising that I was standing under the shade of an avenue of orange trees. I was wondering if you would mind my using your photo in my presentation? It is possible that my talk will be broadcast on the internet at some point. I don’t get paid to run our organisation nor am I getting paid to give this presentation so I don’t have any money to offer you for the privilege of granting us permission to use your photo but I would be more than happy to credit you in my presentation and also post a link to your site on our website.
    I’d very much appreciate it, if you were so obliging, if you could email me (my email address will be embedded in my comments)
    Best regards, Jodi

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