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So long, Harrisburg!

As expected, I didn’t get around to posting yesterday. In fact, we didn’t finish our drive from Harrisburg to Cincinnati until 10pm! Yesterday was all-around uneventful, LONG, and I’m still exhausted from it (not that I did any driving or … Continue reading

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Wegman’s Renege & Friday Catch-Up!

HOLY COW! I’m 100% thrilled today’s Friday, but man, did the last day and a half totally get away from me! I was all prepared to write my post after my car appointment at Toyota yesterday afternoon, which was supposed to take about an … Continue reading

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Intuition to Fruition!

Happy Hump Day! That’s right – Happy Hump Day. Meaning, I’m not all that put off that it’s only mid-week, right now. It’s sunny and gorgeous outside again, and I had a food-related success last night 🙂 I was feeling pretty jazzed after my … Continue reading

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Airbnb is da bomb diggity!

Last night we booked accommodations for two more places during our trip: Florence and Paris! I highly recommend checking out if you’re looking for non-hotel accommodations while traveling abroad. People rent out their entire apartment or house or just a room … Continue reading

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It’s Friday & I Am Feeling Good!

I went shopping, and: 1) I found what I was looking for, 2) Said items fit me (?!), 3) and I walked away from the whole experience feeling good about myself! I had a bit of free time on my hands yesterday afternoon, … Continue reading

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Finally Freakin’ Friday!!

FOR REAL! It’s felt like Friday since Wednesday! And I have been that checked-out since Wednesday. I’ve put up a good fight, and I’m proud of myself, but I have little to offer today… Workout: I had the best yoga … Continue reading

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Easy, My Butt! (Which is feeling better, btw! :D)

Today Feels Like: Friday, 100%. But it’s only Thursday. No bueno. Actually, I woke up wanting to blow off the entire day and just treat it like a Saturday (and, friends, feeling 2 days ahead of what day it actually is, is a really … Continue reading

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Mashed Cauliflower, Meh… and Molson!

No real rhyme or reason to… today’s post, so, let’s go with a list, shall we? 1. As promised, an update on the mashed cauliflower attempt from last night’s dinner: I baked some chicken sausages (20 minutes at 450 degrees … Continue reading

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The weekend with Dad was a definite success, my friends! Let’s do a quick recap: Dad arrived Friday about 5 hours later than planned, and this was very unfortunate. First thing Friday morning, I received an oh-so-friendly call from US … Continue reading

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Dad’s Coming to Town!!

I want to announce the very exciting news that my dad’s coming to visit us in Harrisburg this weekend! He’s flying in from our old stomping grounds – Covington, KY – to check out the PA capital area with his … Continue reading

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