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Wegman’s Renege & Friday Catch-Up!

HOLY COW! I’m 100% thrilled today’s Friday, but man, did the last day and a half totally get away from me! I was all prepared to write my post after my car appointment at Toyota yesterday afternoon, which was supposed to take about an … Continue reading

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Tickle Me Tuesday!

‘Sup, my peeps! I was delighted to be greeted by yet another sunny, warm day this morning 🙂 I think we have one more warm day (80 degrees!) in store before rain comes our way and washes us back to … Continue reading

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Whoa, Nelly!

Nervous Nelly, that is! Seriously, I was a nervous wreck ALL day yesterday. I was such an anxious mess over my first yoga class that I could barely eek out any of my to-do list! I’m lucky I managed to … Continue reading

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Tuesday’s Turnin’ Around Tonight!

Indeed, today started out kinda crappy and continued in said fashion all the way through the stinkin’ afternoon. First of all, I had weird dreams all night, which always leaves an unpleasant taste in your mouth (figuratively, of course – … Continue reading

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Weekend Hustlin’ to Monday Hobbling…

There’s no getting around that this past weekend Rocked. My. Socks. I haven’t enjoyed such a blissful, outdoorsy, fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants, relaxing weekend with my husband in a good long while. So it’s no surprise that when I awoke around 230am for … Continue reading

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